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Sunday Reads: January 21. 2018

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

IncoWriMo 2018 Get Ready to Write! @InCoWriMo


IncoWriMo 2018 Get Ready to Write! 1
IncoWriMo 2018 Get Ready to Write! 2

What is InCoWriMo?

Ink-a-what? InCoWriMo stands for International Correspondence Writing Month.

When is InCoWriMo?

February. It starts the first day of February and ends on the last day! Beat those winter blues with a month full of snail mail love!

Why InCoWriMo?

It's fun! Make use of those pens, papers, inks, stickers, and everything else you have that is snail mail-friendly! Share your colors

What do you do?

Write a letter, postcard, note, doodle, sketch, whatever you want - put it on a piece of paper, fill a notebook, soil a napkin - just write to one recipient every day for the entire month of February.

Can I write extra letters to catch up?

Absolutely. You can even write 28 letters on the last day if you wish, but it's more relaxing to do one a day.

Who do I write to?

You can write to anyone you want. Friends, family, your neighbor, your teacher, your significant other, your cat... it doesn't matter. The goal is to send out 28 letters. You can swap addresses with other pen lovers and snail mailers on

Do my recipients have to write back?

It would be fun if your recipients are willing and able to reply to your InCoWriMo correspondence, but not everyone will be able to or wants to. Remember: your goal is to spread your snail mail love!

IncoWriMo 2018 Get Ready to Write! 10
IncoWriMo 2018 Get Ready to Write! 9

How do I write a letter?

If you're nervous, keep it simple. Who are you? What's your name? Share some of your likes and dislikes. What pen are you using? What ink are you using?

IncoWriMo 2018 Get Ready to Write! 8
IncoWriMo 2018 Get Ready to Write! 7
IncoWriMo 2018 Get Ready to Write! 6
IncoWriMo 2018 Get Ready to Write! 3
Yes. This says 2017.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Review: Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens

Thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending this cute little Sheaffer Pop fountain pen for review!
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 7
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 13

Body material: Resin
Trim: Metal
Cap: Snap on
Posts: Yes, snap on
Nib material: Steel
Filling system: Sheaffer proprietary cartridge/converter
Length (capped): 127.57 mm/5.02"
Length (uncapped): 120.95 mm/4.76"
Length (posted): 165.59 mm/6.52"
Length (section): 25.52 mm/1.01"
Diameter (barrel): 12.96 - 13.20 mm/0.51" - 0.52"
Diameter (section): 9.04 - 9.93 mm/0.36" - 0.39"
Weight (all): 17 g
Weight (cap): 12 g
Weight (body):  5 g
Price: $19.99USD
Where to buy: Goldspot Pens


The Sheaffer Pop is presented in a slim black box with a black cardboard sleeve. The top of the box has the Sheaffer logo on it and it is printed with "Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co". The inside has a white felt bed that holds the pen and two ink cartridges, a user and care guide, and a warranty. It's not an outstanding presentation but it's more than I expected from a $20 pen.
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 2


The Sheaffer Pop in Glossy Lime is a cute, bright, fun pen. It has a round cap and barrel, and blunt, flat ends. The finial is flat with a black top engraved with Sheaffer. The clip is attached externally to a metal lip. It is a classic Sheaffer-style clip with the white dot and split in the middle. The back of the barrel has a metal top for posting the cap.
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 3
The section steps down from the barrel and has a slightly pinched shape. It has a rubber sleeve around it, which looks tidy against the lime of the body. Let's talk about that lime, shall we? The cap and barrel are a glossy lime green resin. I like how it looks new and it still looks good months later, even with use and carrying it around without a case or sleeve. The metal trim looks a little clunky, rippled, and cheap, but there is not much of it to worry about.
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 12
Overall, it's a cute pen for $20 if the shape and colors appeal to you. I don't often look at modern Sheaffers but the Pop series got my attention with their Star Wars line up!


The nib is a steel medium. It has a single slit, a round breather hole, and is engraved with Sheaffer and M for the nib size. The nib performs well. It is a smooth, reliable writer - not surprisingly - that does not skip or hard start. It is not super wet and drying times are pretty fast. It is firm nib that offers very little line variation. I think it's a solid performer and would be great for new users, experienced users, and kids. For $20, the writing experience is pleasant and worth it.
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 8
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 9
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 14
The pen comes with two Sheaffer ink cartridges and for a beginner, popping in an ink cartridge is certainly easier than figuring out a converter and ink bottle. Convenient, too!


The clip is springy and can be used one-handed. It can also slide on and off pockets, papers, and pouches.
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 4
Top to bottom: Sheaffer Pop, Pelikan M800, Sailor 1911 Large, Lamy LX. 
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 5
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 6
The section is comfortable and the rubbery texture aids in gripping the pen. It's great for new users again - it makes holding the pen easy. Unfortunately, the rubber sleeve is not secured in place so it feels loose. When unscrewing the barrel, you have to squeeze the section tightly so you won't just end up spinning the sleeve. The sleeve does not rotate while writing, fortunately.
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 11
Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 10
Unposted, the pen is quite light but I find it comfortable to use, especially for longer writing sessions. The cap posts with a light click but I find the pen too long when posted. It also looks too blocky to suit my tastes. If you prefer heavy, solid pens, steer clear.


Review Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 15


An excellent starter pen at a fair, approachable price. $20 and you get a cute, fun pen that will write until you lose it. It won't quit on you before that. Decent nib, easy to use, comfortable. The only real issue is the rubber section sleeve, but that does not affect writing performance. I think it's a nice pen. Not my favorite because I prefer juicier, softer, broader nibs, but it's a reliable writer.

I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion.

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