This is my hobby. I try to write fun reviews that points out some pros and cons of each item I come across. Sponsors send things, but I never promise a positive review or tell them I won't be honest or say anything like I won't review this item negatively, etc. Everything gets the same deal: a fair, honest review. I'm going to love some items more than others. If a post is sponsored, it's not sponsored for me to say "I LOVE THIS ITEM!" It's sponsored because that company paid for a relocation in my blogging schedule. I will have had to reschedule all my other posts to give them priority. I am not paid to give a positive review. I do not make a living off this blog, or any of the other stationery-related work I do. Not even close. I'm trying to have fun and share that fun with others. Keep it light hearted.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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