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I say us because there is usually a cat involved. And they are great contributors of the works that are shown on this blog, therefore they deserve to be included. Although they get their very own page...

Ok. Time to update this page because I'm almost thirty. I feel old, even though everyone keeps telling me life starts now and it only gets better from here. Actually I feel old because I can't do the crazy things I used to do when I was a youngin, but I like being able to make decisions like "I'm going to eat marshmallows and chocolate milk and Froot Loops for dinner" (even though I know this is a really bad idea, both nutritiously and because of how sick I'll be afterwards). I guess almost-thirty isn't so bad.

If you have already browsed through my blog, you may have figured out I love animals, particularly cats. My whole family loves animals. (My dad loves goats. How weird is he?? And fruit that most people would never consider eating). But I REALLY love animals. I read about them for hours, just fascinated by their lives, behaviors, physiology, everything.
I'm nuts. Disregard my brother in the background.
I no longer live in the beautiful city of Austin. I still love cats and all my cats are happy and healthy and safe (just in case you were wondering). We communicate regularly.

I try to use my brain. I have a Master's in Microbiology from the University of Manitoba. However, I'm still trying to figure out what to do next. What should I do next? I always fancied considering myself something creative and artistic but I'm not sure how to make any use of that (also it's not true, so it's just a fancy that I fancy).

I went to school for years but it was only half bad because I got to use stationery and pens! It runs in my family. My dad's side, actually. My grandpa loved pens and other weird gadgets, and so does my dad. And my cousin. However, no one else seems to truly appreciate the fun and beauty that is stationery. My dad likes to buy pens and then give them to me. This sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Except he also likes to buy things in large quantities. Like 30. Do you know what it's like to have 30 fine-tipped gel ink pens? Do you know how hard it is to use up that many pens?? I can't complain though. He has good taste. I have taken to fountain pens recently. They are works of art.

I'm also very eco conscious. I am alarmed by the amount of waste we as a species produce, and how little we seem to care - not pointing any fingers. I believe what goes around comes around, and we're going to regret it eventually! In the meantime though, I do what I can to go green. This includes recycling everything that I can, having reusable bags on me at all times, using biodegradable plastic when necessary, carrying containers with me when we go for take-out, and carrying my own ketchup for my fries. But I won't preach about it. I just hope that others think about what they're doing and how they can reduce their negative impact on the earth. That being said, I love gadgets so... I really have to talk myself out of them most of the time. I've gotten pretty good at that.

I am a nerd, obviously. I have great friends. I love tea and colours and order. I have extensive worldly experiences/life experience, resulting in my moderate awesomeness. I journal, colour, draw, and sketch (not well, mind you). I trip on invisible rocks. I have no dehydration resilience. I am, in fact, rather lame. I usually cut my fingers if I attempt cooking. I am fascinated by a lot of things (usually shiny) or with interesting textures. I love water (both in the drinking it sense and also beaches). I love running, swimming, piano, music in general, microbiology in a clinical sense, anatomy, and taking pictures of my cats. Or anyone's cats. I cry when someone's pet dies.

This blog will mostly be reviews of pens, stationery, office supplies, gadgets, talking about my cats, reviewing cat-related products, and rambling snippets of my efforts to go green. I hope you enjoy! Maybe you'll learn something, or maybe you'll just find something funny to read. Maybe I'll be so awesome, I'll make your day, your week, or your year. Who knows?! That's a lot of pressure.

Also, this page will probably change because I get bored of the same thing really quickly. And I will remember things I should have put in but forgot to. I'm fun that way.

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