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The following cats may make appearances on this site.

Dark Angel

Black Smoke Domestic Shorthair
Rescued from The Winnipeg Humane Society in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nicknames: Angel. Turkey. Turk. Krut. Cheese. The Bits. Cheesy Cat.
Loves: My dad. Yeowww! Catnip Banana. Milk rings. Leather strings. Grooming people.
Hates: Baths. Dirty litterbox. People who touch the end of her tail.

DOB: October 10. 2003
RIP: April 4. 2011


Nicknames: Tycopants. Ty Cho. Tideshow. Sideshow Bob. The Pants. Mr. Pants. Pantaloons. The Buddy.
Loves: Angel. Paper. Sleeping upside down. Purring. Shoes. Sniffing things.
Hates: Doorbells. Scissors. Closed doors. UPS/FedEx trucks.

DOB: June 1. 2009

Jake Che Bean

Havana Brown
Nicknames: Cheebs. Chiblet.
Loves: Feathers. Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand Cat Toy. Angel. Tyco. Cuddling.
Hates: Not cuddling. Having a super long name.

DOB: September 6. 2010
RIP: April 5. 2011

Holiday Peaches

IMG_0503 Resized
Nicknames: Peeps. Holly. Hops. Speaches. Speachlet.
Loves: Tyco. Covering things in the litter box. Playing tug-of-war. Trotting on the wheel.
Hates: Having claws trimmed.

DOB: March 23. 2011

Hawaiian Koa

IMG_0550 Resized
Nicknames: Squeaks. Goddammit Koa. Noah. Norah Jones. Noratorious BIG.
Loves: Purring. Grooming everything. Ellie. Fetching. Dragging things around. Boxes. Eating carpet. Eating boxes. Cheerios.
Hates: None.

DOB: March 23. 2011

Ellie Bean

IMG_0675 Resized
Nicknames: Dik-Dik. Nelly. Smelly Cat. Smelllieeeee. Figgy. Fig Newton. Nik-nik. Nik-nak. Nik-nak paddy whack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. O'Malley. Nomalley. No man's land. Omalia. Smellionaire.
Loves: People. Cuddling. Chasing her tail. Grooming her tummy. Tyco.
Hates: Being locked out. Seagulls.

DOB: March 9. 2011.
RIP: April 28. 2015.
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