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Giveaway Round Up @KarasKustoms @Vanness1938 @ThePenCompany @ThePenMuseum

Karas Kustoms are celebrating 4,000 followers on Instagram with a copper & brass Retrakt giveaway. Giveaway ends this Friday. Click here for details!

The Pen Company has donated several goodies to the Pen Museum Summer Fair that you could win. All profits from the event go to the Pen Museum. See more information here. Check out The Pen Company! The goodies are: two Lamy ABC fountain pens, a Tombow Object fountain pen, and a Sheaffer 300 fountain pen in black with chrome trim. Click here for giveaway details!

Vanness Pens is giving away a leather pen holder by Quiver - all you have to do is follow the simple instructions on their Instagram picture here! Giveaway closes by August 10th, 2014 so get your entries in before then.

Review: @TombowUSA Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid @JetPens

Review: Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid - Pink @JetPens
I don't have a crazy amount of pencils, surprisingly. I stick to a few that I really like (and I'm hardly creative in this department) - the Palomino Blackwings, the Field Notes pencils, and the occasional other pencil that strays across my path. In general, those are my stocked pencils though. I also don't have a death grip. What I do have, however, is a condition where I am a sucker for colours and cute things, regardless of what they are and whether I need them or not. Most of the time, I can talk myself out of things. But I couldn't resist with these. Besides, I needed to cross $25. ... Okay. I was waaaaay over $25. Let's not go there.
Review: Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid - Pink @JetPens
Review: Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid - Pink @JetPens
The Tombow Ippo coiled pencil grip aids are thin pieces of rubbery material. They aren't tacky or sticky, and they are coiled so they wrap around your pencil (or pen; those Bic Cristal pens don't have any grip and the shape can be painful to hold on to tightly).
Review: Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid - Pink @JetPens
They're just under 2 inches long so they provide a good area of coverage for your hands. In addition, as they are flexible, they can coil around both thinner and thicker pencils. You can also double them up if you require extra long grip, or full cover (no spaces in between).
Review: Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid - Pink @JetPens
Review: Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid - Pink @JetPens
I love the texture of them and I've only seen one review on JetPens where someone's five year old doesn't like the texture. I'm also someone who is very picky about textures. I find them very pleasant to use and they aren't squishy (for those of you who hate squishy, gooshy-type grips). They just give you something to hold on to that isn't overly smooth, or something that digs into your hand if you grip really tightly.

I like to double them up or mix and match the colours. I think it looks pretty! Why I didn't also get a blue set is beyond me. Clearly I will have to get one in my next JetPens order.
Review: Tombow Ippo Coiled Pencil Grip Aid - Pink @JetPens
Price: $2.00USD
Where to Buy: JetPens

Giveaway Round Up @PenHabit @FieldNuts @JetPens @FieldNotesBrand

Pen Habit is very generously giving away a $100USD (or equivalent in your currency) gift certificate to the pen store of your choice, in celebration of 2,500 subscribers on YouTube! First, check out Matt's channel if you aren't already subscribed (because if you're entering, you should be...!), and then check out the giveaway!

JetPens is giving away one pack of Field Notes Color Cover County Fair Memo Books to five lucky winners! Giveaway ends July 25, 2014 at midnight Pacific. Open to US residents only. Click here for details!

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