Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: @Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown Ink @JetPens

A warm thank you to Sebastian for sending this ink for review - warm because this ink is so warm and delicious. LOOK AT IT. Like caramel apple pie juice. Don't even argue. You know exactly what I mean. (With cinnamon).
@Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown Ink @JetPens 
@Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown Ink @JetPens
@Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown Ink @JetPens Swab
Color: Brown
Bottle: 30 ml
Price: $17.50USD
Price/ml: $0.58/ml
Where to buy: JetPens
@Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown Ink @JetPens
@Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown Ink @JetPens
@Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown Ink @JetPens
@Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown Ink @JetPens
  • Gorgeous, warm caramel brown.
  • Beautiful shading.
  • Good flow.
  • Some water resistance.
  • Ink really shines in wet/broad nibs.
@Kaweco Sepia/Caramel Brown Ink @JetPens Flex
  • Looks gross when it gets wet.
  • I think it's a bit boring in an extra-fine nib.
  • Expensive.

Oh my, caramel brown. I was so eager to try this colour because I was dying to see what colour Kaweco thought "caramel brown" was. I think they nailed it. It's a warm, rich brown that looks creamy. I love it. It's a well-behaved ink, though pricy. If you don't burn through ink like crazy, and you are seeking a nice brown, do give this one a go. It's really quite lovely in a wet nib.

I received this ink free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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