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Review: @PilotPenUSA V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen - Fine @JetPens

This pen was sent by my buddy Bill - thanks Bill! What Bill may or may not have realized is this is one of my favourite pens - at least, this series of pens is. I've reviewed the Precise V5 in the past, but I also have the Hi-Tecpoint V5, V7 grip, and some other various models from the past. However, this is the V5 Hi-Tecpoint Cartridge System roller ball pen and I love it. Of all the Precise/Hi-Tecpoint models I've used, it's my favourite. Let's get to it.
Review: @PilotPenUSA V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen - Fine @JetPens

Body Material: Plastic
Trim: Plastic
Length (capped): 13.7 cm
Length (uncapped nib-end): 12.8 cm
Length (posted): 15.3 cm
Barrel Diameter: 12 cm
Section Diameter: 9.6 cm
Weight: 0.36 oz
Fill type: Ink cartridge
Price: $2.75USD
Where to buy: JetPens

Review: @PilotPenUSA V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen - Fine @JetPens
The Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint cartridge system roller ball pen has a simple design and appearance: it's all plastic except for the tip. It has blunt ends, a thin, blocky plastic clip, a clear section so you can see your feed, an ink window, which I love because I love monitoring my ink levels, and a cool colour scheme. This is the black pen but it's not totally black; it's more of a dark slate grey, which I prefer to the black these pens used to be. The writing is silver and lime green (catchy!). The cartridge is thin and long and accessible inside the barrel.
Review: @PilotPenUSA V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen - Fine @JetPens

I absolutely love this pen. It's a stellar performer. It arrived inked, so it wrote instantly. It's never once skipped, it's never been inconsistent. The tip is smooth but not buttery (as it is a roller ball tip), it flows very well with nice, precise, and crisp lines. I think it's just a great pen. Without a doubt, one of my favourite liquid ink pens.

The ink dries really quickly, especially on regular paper. It's not very water resistant ink on smoother papers, although on very absorbent/cheaper papers, it has some resistance, or will remain somewhat legible if it's washed with water.
Review: @PilotPenUSA V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen - Fine @JetPens

In hand, this is such a comfortable pen. It's light, very well-designed, great balance. It could work for small and large hands, because whether it's unposted or posted, it works. It posts deeply and snugly and the balance and weight is still great.
Review: @PilotPenUSA V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen - Fine @JetPens
Review: @PilotPenUSA V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball Pen - Fine @JetPens
  • Very comfortable in hand - great balance, weight, design.
  • Refillable cartridge system (just cartridge, not tip and feed).
  • Posts deeply and snugly.
  • Same refill for both the V5 and V7 pens.
  • Available in both 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm tips. 
  • Made of 71% recycled plastic material. 
  • Refillable up to ten times with the same smoothness guaranteed (looking forward to testing this out!).
  • Very practical clip.
  • Liquid ink is likely to bleed (especially on cheaper papers).
  • Limited to four colours: blue, black, red, and green. 

I have always loved the Pilot V5 pens, and Pilot has made it even better! It's so comfortable, writes so well, so useful. Now they're more environmentally friendly and you can save money by refilling them. Cool beans. Very highly recommended. It's not expensive and clearly I've raved about its greatness. If you like liquid ink pens, give it a shot.

Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint - Assorted 7 Pack

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Serious Nibbage Part 7: Pelikan Souverän M600 Red Stripe @sbrebrown @ThePenCompany

Serious Nibbage Pelikan Souveran M600
SBRE Brown and I talk about about the Pelikan Souverän M600 Red Stripe fountain pen. Is this pen serious nibbage? Thank you to The Pen Company for sending this pen for review and Serious Nibbage! We were not paid to do either the reviews or Serious Nibbage, but we were sent a pen to review. 
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Mailbox Goodies: NoteMaker & Le Typographe

NoteMaker has been incredibly generous in their parcels - I'm always in awe when I open them. Also, they have excellent taste. This time, I have a stack of Le Typographe goods to review, so look out for those in the near future!

Oh yeah. That's a good looking parcel. Not to mention that the box and the tissue paper provide extreme joy for a certain four-legged critter.
Mailbox Goodies: NoteMaker & Le Typographe
This is the receipt-holding article, which is beyond cool.
Mailbox Goodies: NoteMaker & Le Typographe
I will most certainly reuse you!
Mailbox Goodies: NoteMaker & Le Typographe
Inside, there was a stack of notebooks and goodies that makes me drool. 
Mailbox Goodies: NoteMaker & Le Typographe

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