Monday, December 31, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Hail From Tokyo

This pretty parcel came all the way from Tokyo, from Marie at Etincelle Creative Studio. Thank you Marie!
Etincelle Creative Studio Win
Super cute packaging! I didn't even want to open it up and ruin it!
Etincelle Creative Studio Win
An adorable parcel with lovely items! Deco tape, blank cards and envelopes, rubber stamps, washi tape, and pretty gold twigs + pine cones!
I was particularly excited to receive some real washi tape (adding to my sad Target "printed adhesive label tape").
Christmas Themed Washi Tape
The danger being that I'm going to want more now...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Reads - December 30. 2012

Today is my birthday!! And yet, I'm still here sharing amazing things with you. Because I am amazing that way. I hope you are all having wonderful holidays! Some of these are from the week before but I didn't have a chance to read them so they were still sitting open in my tabs, or I wanted to re-read them. Enjoy and happy new year!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

PaperMate InkJoy Ink Blob

I have reviewed both the PaperMate InkJoy 700RT and 300RT ballpoint pens, and soon my review of the 100s will be up, but in the meantime, here is something that drives me nuts about them. But I also love it because I love the smell of ink. But it drives me nuts because it makes a huge mess when I don't notice it in time.


PaperMate InkJoy Ink Blob

Friday, December 28, 2012

Whiskers & Paws: December 2012 Edition

Ellie the Havana Brown
I am amazing.
Ellie the Havana Brown
Ellie the Havana Brown
I'm soiled!
Ellie the Havana Brown
I'm tired.
Tyco the Ragdoll
Hockey time for this abominable snowman!
Tyco the Ragdoll
Or attempts at hockey anyway.
Tyco the Ragdoll
Um. Yeah. You can't pick it up Tyco.
Tyco the Ragdoll
I give up.
Tyco the Ragdoll
Minding my own business.
Peaches the Bengal & Tyco the Ragdoll
Peaches gets it in the way, as usual.
Peaches the Bengal
He left me.
Tyco the Ragdoll
I have found a spot safe from HER.
Peaches the Bengal & Tyco the Ragdoll
Peaches the Bengal and Tyco the Ragdoll
Peaches the Bengal and Tyco the Ragdoll
She's crazy!
Koa the Bengal
Koa the Bengal
Koa the Bengal
Koa the Bengal
My toes are soiled.
Koa the Bengal
He's really working hard here.
Koa the Bengal

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Pentel HyperG 0.7mm Gel Ink Pen - Orange

The Pentel HyperG gel ink pen is one that I hadn't even heard of from Pentel. I received it in a prize package from Shoplet last year. So here I am, finally reviewing it!
Pentel Hyper G
Features (via Pentel)
  • Triple safe ink technology:  People Safe (AP non-toxic), Check Safe (Permanent), Earth Safe (Recycology)
  • Acid free, non-fading formula to make your marks last
  • Maximum comfort and control with latex-free grip
  • Retractable tip protects pockets and purses
  • Part of the Pentel® Recycology™ line and made of 57% recycled plastic
  • 2 tip sizes available:
    - 0.5mm metal tip writes fine lines
    - 0.7mm metal tip writes medium lines
  • Available ink colors:
    - 0.5mm: Black, Red and Blue
    - 0.7mm: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue, Violet
  • Refillable with Pentel KLR5 (0.5mm) and KLR7 (0.7mm) refills
My model is the 0.7mm version in orange. It's a very vivid, intense orange, as you can see. It has an interesting design - the plastic part of the barrel has facets all over it. The grip is firm with little ridges, and the metal tip has a peculiar shape that I can hardly describe! Overall though, it's pretty nice looking, aside from the clip. A clip can really make or break a pen, and in this case, I'm not liking it. While it suits the design of the pen, I don't like its pointy, sharp end.
Pentel Hyper G
The Pentel HyperG gel ink pen writes pretty nicely. The ink reminds me of the Pentel EnerGel ink - smooth, vivid, bold ink that doesn't blob as you write. It's a little more expensive than the EnerGel, which is surprising. I do prefer the design and writing experience of the EnerGel better, and the EnerGel does contain more recycled plastic materials. However, according to Pentel, the HyperG has non-toxic, acid-free, permanent ink, whereas I don't think the EnerGel does. So perhaps save the EnerGel for other things where you don't need permanent ink.

In my water resistance test, I did note the ink bled, and I did write there was no water resistance, but that may not be true. I didn't try washing the page - which may have caused ink bleeding, but the writing may have remained legible (meaning the ink is permanent). Though in my opinion, permanent ink should not bleed at all.
Pentel Hyper G Orange Pens
Pentel Hyper G Writing Sample
The pen arrived with no packaging so I had no idea it was partly recycled plastic. I'm happy about that, because any amount of recycled plastic is better than none. Plus, it's refillable, so that makes it even better. Good job, Pentel!

Pentel - $2.29
An interesting pen - a different model in case you get bored of the same thing. It writes nicely, and it's comfortable to hold, but unless you need the "permanent" ink, I'd stick to the EnerGel, which is cheaper, cuter, and contains more recycled materials.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Angel and a Manatee

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Shades of Tuesday

Green, for the festivities!
Shades of Tuesday

Monday, December 24, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: New Toys!

These two fountain pens were giveaways - one from Write To Me Often, and the other from Raven's March! So much fun!! Complete with beautiful handwritten letters.
Fountain Pen Surprises
Scored me a Namiki Falcon from Tyler at Organics Studio! It's really a neat pen!
Namiki Falcon Soft Fine
I won't tell you what's in here just yet, because a review is coming... but Resor Shop sent this over for review! Don't forget, for the month of January, Gourmet Pens readers get free shipping at Resor Shop! Check out this post here for details how to apply the discount!
Resor Shop Surprise Package!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Reads - December 23. 2012

Not that any of you are online and checking up on blogs (i.e. mine) right now, but just in case you are...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Made Another Terrible Pattern.

Inspired by Anika's incredible patterns lately... but not nearly as awesome. But I've gotta start somewhere, right?? Maybe eventually they will become le awesome.
Made with Pilot Hi-Tec-Cs in 0.4 mm and 0.3m tip sizes, of various colors - violet, yellow ocher, green, pink, yellow, light blue, orange, and red. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Currently Inked

Currently Inked
Currently Inked

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Waterman 12 Red Mottled Eyedropper + XF - BB Wet Noodle Nib

This beauty was pretty much a life requirement when I first laid my greedy eyeballs upon it on Vintage Pen. If you missed my little post on the Dallas Pen Show this year, I mentioned I picked it up from the very kind and ever helpful Mauricio of Vintage Pen.
Waterman 12 Eyedropper

Brand: Waterman
Model: 12
Body Material:Red Mottled Hard Rubber
Trim: Nickel Trim
Origins: Made in U.S.A
Length (capped): 5.25 inches
Length (posted): 6.75 inches
Diameter (widest point - body): 0.4 inches
Nib type: Waterman Ideal New York #2 Wet Noodle XF - BB
Nib material: 14K gold
Weight: 11 grams
Barrel design: Round, normal
Fill type: Eyedropper

GAHHHH I don't even want to "review" this pen. I just want to drool and pet it and make swirly, flexy lines. It's just so incredible to write with, I don't want to put it down. Can you remember the last time a pen was SO incredible, you didn't want to put it down? Where you fell so deeply in love with it that you just write pages and pages with it?
Waterman 12 Eyedropper Writing Sample
It turns out the ink sample I received was mislabeled. This is actually Sailor Ultramarine. Sorry for the confusion folks.
I love that it's an eyedropper. Apart from the fact that it holds a whopping 2 mls (plus a tiny bit more but I don't fill it too much), I love the eyedropper because it's easier to clean than other filling mechanisms. Hard rubber bodies shouldn't be exposed to water too much so I like using a bulb to flush the feed and rinse out the inside of the body. The body therefore has very little contact with water.
Waterman 12 Eyedropper
The pen body is so very smooth to the touch. I love holding it. The imprint on the barrel is still very visible - including a lot of the white - and overall, the whole thing is in great shape. The size is perfect for my hand and the weight is perfectly balanced, both empty and inked. The cap posts and caps by sliding on (no clicking or threads) and holds snugly. There is a clip but I won't be using it more than clipping the pen into a case. 
Waterman 12 Eyedropper
The nib is extra-fine and smooth. Writing at normal speed and without pressure, the pen writes an extra-fine line with ease. It's smooth and the ink flow is incredible. This eyedropper offers a great, steady flow of ink - not too much. With little pressure, the tines spread to a double broad line and the snap back is very quick. The ink flow is consistent and capable of keeping up with flex writing quite easily. I've managed to railroad a few times but I was writing very quickly and usually with flex pens, the lesson is: take your time! The line variation is gorgeous and combined with an ink that shades... *wipes drool*. It's truly a delight to write with this pen and that is mostly why I'm completely in love with it.
Waterman 12 ED Wet Noodle Nib #2
Waterman 12 ED Wet Noodle Nib #2
So much can be done with this incredible nib. It boggles my mind. It is encouraging and inspiring to use this pen. It's like it's full of magic. The delectable nib also really highlights shading with various inks. It's perfect for all sorts of inks.
Waterman 12 Eyedropper Writing 
True words.

Waterman 12 Eyedropper Writing Sample  Waterman 12 Eyedropper Writing Sample
 The extra fine nib can flex all the way to a double broad, though with wet inks, it can look even thicker. 
Waterman ED Nib 
Waterman 12 Eyedropper Writing Sample
Waterman 12 Eyedropper Writing Sample Line Variation
I hold the pen very close to the nib and sometimes I get blobs of ink on my finger tips. This may deter some people who like clean hands while writing and don't want to mess with ink much (in which case an eyedropper might not be the best choice for you). I love getting ink on my fingers for some reason, so this is like a plus to me!

The downsides to an eyedropper is if I jar the pen too much, it sometimes blobs a bit of ink out. However, I treasure this pen and treat it with great care. I never do things that can't handle an ink blob or two anyway so it doesn't matter to me. If I were to carry this in my pocket, I would have to be more careful. But a pen like this should be treasured in an awesome pen case (which I must acquire...).

All in all, this is my favorite pen in my collection. I just love every single thing about it.I wish it was a bit more affordable so that anyone interested in flexible nibs could try it out. No other modern flex pen I have tried comes close.
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