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Review: @NuNotebooks Nu: Elite A4 Wiro Journal - Tan

Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal

Size: A4
Color: Tan cover, cream paper.
Ruling: Lined.
Page Count: 200
Price: £9.50 inc VAT
Where to buy: Staples UK
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal

This large A4 journal has a lovely tan front and back cover with a matching elastic closure. The wire coils are the twin wiro set up and look quite nice. There is a full-sized pocket on the inside back cover of the journal. Both the covers and the pages have rounded edges. The paper is cream with grey-violet lines; all 200 are perforated. The colour scheme is quite lovely.
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal

I love how this notebook feels - it's huge and solid and I love the massive stack of paper in it. It has a great look to it. Like the A5 Multi Event journal, I wonder if the elastic will wear out over time, as it's rather loose to begin with.

I love that the cover is semi flexible!
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal
The paper is smooth enough - not textured nor is it coated or extra smooth. This shows in its performance. It does fine with pencil, ballpoint, and gel ink pens.
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal
When it comes to wet rollerball pens and fountain pens, it's very different. This is not a fountain pen friendly notebook, despite the heavy paper weight. There is show through, bleed through, feathering, and sadly, there is no sheen. Because of the absorbency of the paper, drying times are fast.
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal
  • There are 4 vibrant colours for you to select from, light tan, dark tan, cool grey, and black.
  • Lots of paper!
  • Performs well with pencil, ballpoints, and gel ink pens.
  • Full-sized pocket at the back of the journal. It's huge.
  • Cover material scuffs easily.
  • Hard to close cover or turn pages are not properly aligned on the coils.
  • Not fountain pen friendly.
    • Bleeds through.
    • Show through.
    • Feathering.
    • No sheen.
Nu Elite A4 Wire Journal

I really like the look of this journal - the colour scheme is very attractive and the size of the journal is very appealing (although a little intimidating when I think about how much writing space is actually in the journal itself). However, because I am primarily a fountain pen user, this notebook would not be a top choice for me because of the paper's inadequate performance in the fountain pen test. My favourite of the Nu notebooks remains the Nu: Elite Polypropylene notebook as the paper does the best with fountain pens.

This notebook was provided to me for review by Nuco International, free of charge. I was not compensated monetarily. All opinions you read here are 100% my own!

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Giveaway Round Up @Pen_Addict @JetPens @MyPurpleyLife @BrushDance @ClickyPost

The Pen Addict is giving away a Topo Designs + Doane Paper Mountain Briefcase, sponsored by Chad Doane! This giveaway is open to international readers - yaaay! Giveaway ends November 2nd, 2013. Click here to check it out and enter.

My Purpley Life is having a birthday giveaway - there's a bunch of goodies here! Planner lovers, prepare yourselves for this one. Giveaway ends November 1st, 2013. US residents only. Click here to head over.

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You know. I really loathe to share these giveaways because I want to win them all... but anyway. I am a wonderful person. So carrying on... Ana at The Well-Appointed Desk is giving away a "The Groove" from Dudek Modern Products (made by Mike at the Clicky Post!). Giveaway closes November 1st, 2013. Open to US and international readers! Click here for details.

Christine at Pentulant is giving away a Dreamer Journal from Brush Dance. Giveaway closes November 5th, 2013. US residents only. Click here for details.

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Tyco works out too
Tyco works out too

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Giveaway Round Up

Jenny Fritch from Jenny's Sketchbook is celebrating her birthday in the most generous way possible... by giving away goodies! Closes Friday, November 1st, 2013. Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday today, huh? :) Click here to head over there!

This awesome prize includes:

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Sunday Reads - October 27. 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

Whiskers & Paws: October 2013 Edition

May 10. 2013 - iPhone 041
May 10. 2013 - iPhone 057
May 10. 2013 - iPhone 061
May 10. 2013 - iPhone 073
June 1 - 5. 2013 - iPhone 053
June 1 - 5. 2013 - iPhone 052
May 16 - 20. 2013 - iPhone 080
June 1 - 5. 2013 - iPhone 080
June 1 - 5. 2013 - iPhone 090
June 1 - 5. 2013 - iPhone 006

May 22 - 30. 2013 - iPhone 275

May 11 - 15. 2013 - iPhone 054
May 11 - 15. 2013 - iPhone 071

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: @Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen – Medium @JetPens

Here is a pen I would not have looked twice at until I touched it. This is another temporary loan from Kaweco - thank you Sebastian for trusting this pretty thing in my hands.(And for making me fall in love with yet another Kaweco...)
Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Capped

Body Material: Piano lacquer acrylic
Trim: Metal
Length (capped): 5.4"
Length (uncapped nib-end): 5.2"
Length (posted): 6.9"
Barrel Diameter: 13.1 mm
Section Diameter: 9.9 mm
Nib material: Steel
Weight: 33 g/1.2 oz
Fill type: Cartridge
Price: $150.00USD
Where to buy: JetPens

Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Packaging
Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Packaging
The Kaweco Elite comes in a nice gift box that actually suits the size of the pen! Usually pen boxes are huge. I like that this one is just a little larger than the pen - no wasted space. That means it passes the Keep It? cut because it won't take up a huge amount of space on my shelf.


The Kaweco Elite fountain pen is something different to me - I'm familiar with Kaweco's pocket sized pens like the Ice Sport, the AC Sport, and the Al Liliput. the cap is chrome with a matching chrome clip. The barrel and top of the cap are a lovely black piano lacquer acrylic. Both ends of the pen carry the Kaweco metal logo. The clip has Kaweco flair and flourishes.
Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Close Up Clip
The barrel is faceted -something I love to see and feel, but the cap is smooth. The barrel hops into the section quite smoothly with unnoticeable threads. The section has two chrome rings, one at the top and the other at the bottom. The large nib matches the silver and black colour scheme.
Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Writing Sample Uncapped
Even the converter is kinda sexy.
Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Taken Apart

The nib on the Kaweco Elite is larger than on the other Kawecos I am familiar with. Alas, it is a larger pen! I love the nib. It is a larger version of the nibs found on the pocket-sized pens. I think it's gorgeous on this pen.
Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Close Up Nib
I did not flush this pen before inking it up with a Kaweco Royal Blue cartridge. As this pen is on loan, I did not adjust the nib at all. The nib gave no issues whatsoever with writing - immediate start up, no skipping, consistent lines, smooth writing, good flow, and a generally reliable writing experience. Excellent. Just what I would expect from an unflushed pen in this price range. It's a pretty dry nib so personally, I would prefer it a little wetter.
Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Writing Sample
The medium runs a little on the fine side (at least for a German nib), and ink dries very quickly with the way the nib is currently set up. Left-handed users would love this! If it were my pen, I would open up the tines a little to make it a tad wetter. Or put a broad in this. THAT WOULD BE IDEAL. The medium nib gives some line variation and the feed does keep up but I wouldn't write with it regularly that way.
Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Writing Sample

This is a lovely pen. It is very comfortable to hold. It does not post deeply and is a little top heavy but I was able to find a comfortable writing position. Nevertheless, I chose to write unposted because of the length of the pen when posted. I love the design of the barrel where it meets the section - the threads are not noticeable at all. The nib performs so well that this pen is such a pleasure to write with.

  • Attractive colour scheme.
  • Nib performs very well. 
  • Feels great in hand.
  • Interchangeable nib units.
  • Clip is snug and designed to slide into pockets and on to papers easily. Very practical. 
  • Nice detailing.
Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen - Medium Close Up
  • Top heavy when posted. (On the other hand, it's a decent size so it doesn't have to be posted.)
  • Double broad/extra fine nib not available.

At $150.00USD, the price range of this fountain pen is amongst other standard priced pens (think production line Edisons, Sailor 1911S, Waterman, or Pilot Vanishing Points). The Kaweco Elite is a great contender - great design, feels good in hand, looks good. No obvious cons - even being top heavy, that affects my hands because they're not large. But I'm totally in love with broad nibs though, so that's what I would pick. If you like precise, finer nibs, the fine or medium would be an excellent choice.

This pen was provided by Kaweco for review. I was not compensated monetarily for this review. This pen will be returned to Kaweco.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Giveaway Round Up @Retro1951 @edjelley @witte_alex @kaweco @JetPens @WeThePPIL

Visit Ed Jelley's blog to check out his review of the Kaweco ICE Sport Rollerball pen and to enter his giveaway! Giveaway closes October 29th, 2013. US residents only.

Economy Pens is giving away a Retro 51 Hex-O-Matic ballpoint pen! US residents only, closes October 26th, 2013. Head on over to enter!

Pen Paper Ink Letter is giving away a two-pack of Uni-ball Signo 207 Pink ribbon gel pens. It's for newsletter subscribers only so all you have to do is be a subscriber! Instructions to become a subscriber are on this page. Giveaway closes October 31st, 2013.

JetPens is giving away a few goodies on their blog! Check it out and follow the instructions to enter! Closes October 30th, 2013. US residents only.

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Tyco with his opponent sitting on his back
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