Tuesday, September 26, 2023

AJOTO Pocket Paper Notebooks & Covers on Kickstarter

Don’t miss it - only a few days left for the AJOTO pocket paper notebooks (and covers) on Kickstarter!


AJOTO, makers of gorgeous rollerball pens that are incredibly sexy and delightful to write with, are launching a collection of notebooks and covers that are beautifully made, very elegant, and uncomplicated in the best way possible. No unnecessary bells and whistles: they’re simply refined and functional.


I tested out three paper editions:

No.1 for pens, graphite pencils, and ink

No.2 for fountain pens and ink pens

No.3 for watercolour, pastel, graphite pencil, charcoal

Each edition has paper that is made for the instruments indicated so I tested accordingly and really enjoyed the different writing experiences. No.1 feels like fancy paper that works for everything - even tolerating some fountain pen ink. No.2 is the in between fancy paper that does well with fountain pens without the very long drying times seen on other papers I love (hi, Tomoe River. I’ll always love you!). No.3 is the heavyweight paper with the most texture and honestly, might be my favorite. It’s a warm white, easy on the eyes, with just the right amount of texture for having fun with watercolours and doing faux pencil calligraphy!


Thank you so much to AJOTO for sending these samples for me to play with!! They’re portable, pocketable, and sleek. They’d also make awesome gifts because the presentation is top-notch. Visit the campaign here!

This is not a paid video! I received the samplers to share with you, and I really like AJOTO and own some of their pens, so this felt right to me :) 

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