Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Burning Off Bengal Energy!

Well, I'm back home with two of these crazies. Yes, two 3-month old Bengal kittens. They're absolutely adorable. Kevin was a little worried, I think, about their activity level before we brought them home. We'd heard some "horror" stories about how they're very active and destructive and what not (not first hand of course, just online stories and whatnot). But so far, we have both found them to be quite normal. They're really no different than Angel was when she was a kitten, and even Cheebs before he got sick. They play hard and sleep hard.

Fortunately, I have no job/life so I get to be at home with them. I'm not complaining. I love it. Anyway, this means I get to be here to supervise them and most importantly, train them. At first, they were always climbing up onto the counters, investigating the sink, the dining table, trying to crawl into our plates of food while we were eating - but with consistent NO's and putting them on the ground, the rules are sinking in quickly. Kevin and I both stick to this training so there's no one faltering in it and they learn really fast.

I also spend a few hours a day playing with them with wand toys. After a good play session, they sleep for hours. I don't know why so many people say they're so destructive but I suspect they're no different than dogs - with proper outlets for their energy, they're just a dream! We do have several cat trees and a big stairway that they love to play on. This probably helps burn off more of that energy!

We absolutely love them. And somewhere from kitty heaven, I'm sure Angel is scowling at me! Having these little ones around makes me think about Angel and Cheebs even more but I am finding there is always room in my heart for another kitty. It's a relief to know I can love another cat again. Or two cats. Or three....


Naidles said...

He he little rascals. They're adorable. For some reason Tyco doesn't look so huge in this video.

GourmetPens said...

It is because your eyeballs have become accustomed to giant cats (i.e. Tyco...Castor...) heehehehe

Auntissimo said...

They will have the last laugh. As soon as you leave the house, they will be climbing wherever they want. I bet their diaries say, "Our captor thinks she is succeeding at "training" us to not jump on the counters and climb everywhere. We continue to humour her by "obeying" when she's around. What she doesn't know won't hurt her". LOL. They look very cute and playful!

Gourmet Pens said...

HAHAHA so very true. I should get a kitty cam and see where they go when we're not around.

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