Thursday, September 29, 2011

Messy Bengal Baby

Koa is a drenched disaster. He is obsessed with the sound of water pouring, and this fountain. As soon as water is poured, he comes running to wreak havoc upon it. He doesn't have this kind of interest in a standing bowl of water. If you're wondering if you should get your cats a cat fountain, be aware there may be a messy area to tidy up afterwards. However, it provides endless entertainment for myself and cats alike!

This is the reason we don't use clumping litter. They get wet paws and then dig around in their box. If it were clumping, it would stick to their paws and clump on and the would have to groom their feet to clean them, thus ingesting clumping or clumped litter. Not so good for their tummies!


Unknown said...

Oh how I love this video! Not much drinking going on there but at least he's having fun with it!! Luckilly for me our two don't have quite so much fascination with their fountain, although all the paint has chipped off the skirting board behind it as they are messy drinkers!!

GourmetPens said...

I'm glad you enjoyed :) There is definitely...very little drinking. LOL! It's like when babies eat... more food ends up on their faces than in their mouth! Have you ever tried putting ice cubes in their fountain? Mine love that too and love to bat them around! That's how they first "noticed" they had a fountain!

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