Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Toucan Aqua Ink Review

I wish these inks were easier to get. They're a great price and they used to come in these disturbing little IV baggies that made the inks affordable to transport. The bags are reusable, and you can decant what you want into a bottle for use. It's just great, especially if you are low on space (like I am). Alas, they have switched to glass bottles so I can no longer rave about the baggies. Nothing wrong with the glass bottles. Another great thing: these inks are safely mixable with each other.
Price: $6.90AUD
Where to buy: Just Write
Toucan Aqua Ink Review 7
Toucan Aqua Ink Review 2
The aqua is hands down my favorite ink from the collection. Many of the colors have names that don't quite match up with the ink - you'll see in the coming weeks - but this one is just stunning. Exquisite shading, easy to clean, and did I mention the caribbean sea shades I ADORE?
Toucan Aqua Ink Review 8
Toucan Aqua Ink Review 1
Toucan Aqua Ink Review 3
Toucan Aqua Ink Review 4
Toucan Aqua Ink Review 5
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