Monday, December 30, 2019

Golden Glow & Shimmer Fountain Pen Ink Fun with Dip Nibs

We all love using our fountain pens for what I like to consider "valid" reasons - at work, writing papers, writing a thesis, writing a book, drawing, sketching - all that real stuff. I don't do all of those things but I do use my fountain pens and inks and even my nicer notebooks for real life things. However, I also love to just mess around and play with inks and papers in my downtime. Here we have Diamine Tropical Glow and Diamine Golden Sands inks; two shimmer inks that blend beautifully on the page. I am using an Osprey Pens Milano with a Zebra G dip nib to mess around with in this video. It's just for fun. You can also just use a dip nib in a holder. All that means is you have to dip more but it makes clean up very simple! Enjoy!


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