Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Montblanc Ladies Edition Pearl Pink Marilyn Monroe

Montblanc has been on a streak of releasing reds and browns and blues and more and more colors all at once. It's a little overwhelming because I can't get them all at once! Alas, I was excited about this one because I love pink.
Together with new Fine Stationery, Montblanc introduces the Ladies Edition ink bottle 50 ml. The Pearl Edition is one of two Ladies Editions with three pearl necklaces and a white inside cover. The Pearl Edition is inspired by the design and colour of Marilyn Monroe animation. - Montblanc
Grief. What an awful description. Thanks for taking the time to write up something nice, Montblanc. I was expecting a fluorescent or vibrant pink type pink but I actually love this sweet bubblegum pink. The clear bottle highlights the soft pink ink color. The fluting on the bottle is all glittery and cute, which will appeal to everyone, I'm sure. Very elegant, classy presentation that suits the ink name and theme well although it is not special aside from the theme.

This bottle does not actually belong to me, unfortunately. As I write this post, I am regretting not having my own. I took just a little bit from a friend when it first was released and I love this shade of pink, so I'm not sure why I don't have a bottle of my own. It's around $35-45USD, depending where you buy it. Not a terrible price, especially compared to their newer Elixir line up. Compared to non-Montblanc inks, it is much more expensive.

I don't have any other pinks that are similar to this one - most are much more saturated, not the right shade of pink (uhhh, aside from PW Akkerman x Gourmet Pens Pink, obviously), or so heavy on sheen that it's hard to see the base color. I like Pearl Pink because it shades really nicely. It reminds me of the soft baby pink that some pearls are. It is legible in finer nibs but it never really gets dark, even if application is quite wet. It's super easy to clean and washes out with just a few flushes, one of the perks of inks that aren't super saturated! Flows well, dries pretty quickly, overall it is well-behaved and did not give me any issues. I did not find it watery or too wet, if such a thing were possible.

Since it is such a light color and it is not archival, I did find it fades pretty easily - a discovery I made when I left a writing sample out for a few months. It did not fade in the closed notebooks. None of this is surprising, I guess I just noticed it more because of the lightness.

In comparison to Montblanc's original Pink, it's much lighter, less saturated, no sheen. The newest Montblanc pink is Pop Pink so I guess that will be a post for another day. This one came out first and I had access to this one first. I have a little bit of Pink left, thank you to a generous friend (hi Gerald!) for gifting me their bottle.

Obviously the real issue, aside from not having any left, is that I don't have the perfect pink pen to match it to, so I guess that's my next project.
Montblanc Ladies Edition Pearl Pink Marilyn Monroe 1
Montblanc Ladies Edition Pearl Pink Marilyn Monroe 3
Montblanc Ladies Edition Pearl Pink Marilyn Monroe 2


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