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Goldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Royal Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen

Goldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 1_RWM

Worn by royalty throughout the ages, the Amethyst stone embodies the pinnacle of luxury. It is also said to have healing properties, relieving stress and warding away negative thoughts. While the Sailor 1911 fountain pen is not made of pure amethyst, you'll feel the luxury and relaxation radiating from the transparent purple body and gleaming gold trims. An exclusive collaboration between Goldspot Pens and Sailor of Japan, we proudly present the Sailor 1911 Royal Amethyst Fall 2019 limited edition.

The 1911's classic, cigar-shaped profile is well-balanced and feels comfortable to hold for long writing sessions. Sailor's gold nibs are some of the finest on the planet, tending to be a size finer than their European counterparts. The fountain pen fills by Sailor's proprietary cartridge or converter (both included) and includes a 1-year limited warranty. - Goldspot

I'm a sucker for Sailor because I love the huge range of colors and nib combinations available to us. Yes, it drives me bonkers that there are exclusives that we cannot easily access but recently North America has been extra lucky to have some exclusives for ourselves. Goldspot brings us the Royal Amethyst fountain pen in the 1911 Standard and 1911 Large models. 

Aside from colors, Sailor's range of standard nibs is extremely exciting for someone like myself who loves nibs and all sorts of nibs - and yes, even though I give extra-fine nibs a hard time, I regretfully admit I understand their purpose and sometimes they're even enjoyable. However, I lean towards the broader end of the nib range - the broad, zoom, and music stub. In this case, I have a 14kt music stub to play with. 

The nibs are yellow gold and the 1911S comes with 14kt nibs and the larger model has the 21kt nib. I have here a 14kt nib as this is the 1911S. They have plastic feeds and a single slit and round breather hole. Unlike other music nibs, Sailor's is a single slit, two-tine that still manages to be stubby and juicy. Does it need three tines? Probably not because it's pretty broad and juicy as is. Aesthetically, it might be more interesting and yet it's fine the way it is. 

Goldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 5_RWM Goldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 7_RWM Goldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 3_RWMGoldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 4_RWM 

The pen is a really pretty purple - bright enough to be easily recognized as purple, it's clear, and it's topped off with gold trim that makes it look quite warm and inviting. I like the color and I love clear pens for some reason. I used to think it was the ink slosh factor but now I'm not sure - there's not a lot of sloshing going on here and I still am attracted to it. Maybe it's because I ink way too many pens up at the same time and being able to see if a particular pen is inked at a glance is really handy, especially if you can also discern the actual ink color within reason. Blue, green, pink, etc. It doesn't have to be down to the specific ink color or anything.

Goldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 6_RWM

Thoughts on bananas hit the Instagram feed awhile ago because I had bought four green bananas, thinking they would last me a week before they got weirdly brown. No. Two days later, they were beyond saving (or eating) and they had to be given to a friend who prefers their brown spots. Ew? I spent some time dwelling on the banana saga. I like my bananas barely ripe and I hate the strings and once I’ve eaten it, I want the peel far away from me because I hate how the peel smells without a banana in it. Tell me your banana feelings. 

Goldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 7_RWM 

The Sailor 1911 series is a solid one: the two sizes means you get two size options of pen and nib. The pen is really comfortable, it's lightweight and can easily be used for longer writing sessions, it posts snugly and securely, and it's a low maintenance fountain pen. The cartridge/converter system is easy peasy to clean and look after, and although the Sailor converter is pretty small in terms of its ink capacity, I still reach for it more often than using the cartridges. I'm just not a cartridge person. I don't know why. If I really must, I refill the cartridge using a syringe and needle, or even using just a small plastic pipette. The larger 1911 is great for most hands - unposted for smaller hands, and posted for larger hands. 

Goldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 8_RWM

The music nib is juicy but not a ridiculous gusher. It's great for writing to friends because it shows off your ink color really well and you can do some fun doodles or calligraphy with it at the same time. It's a fairly smooth stub in that the corners are not sharp and will not catch on your page so if it's your first time exploring music nibs or even stub nibs, the Sailor music nib is a safe one to go with. These nibs are quite firm and do not offer line variation. The tines do not split and if they do, it's because you've done a naughty thing to your nib! If you apply pressure, the most you'll get is just a little more ink. Vintage music nibs are flexible but Sailor nibs are not. 

I have several Sailors in my pen case and they are all inked up almost all of the time. If they're not, it's because they're waiting to be cleaned. I don't get bored of them and I somehow keep getting more. They're definitely in the luxurious pen category what with the gold nibs and price, but they aren't so grotesquely priced that I'm afraid to carry them around with me. I comfortably take these to pen meets. 

Are you a Sailor fan?

Goldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 10_RWMGoldspot Pens Sailor 1911S Amethyst Purple Fountain Pen 9_RWM

Available at Goldspot - $220USD for the Standard, $312USD for the Large. Goldspot is one of my blog sponsors and they make so many reviews possible so they have my deepest gratitude for their support. I received this pen free of charge so I could share my thoughts with you. I hope this has been helpful! Thank you for reading. If you enjoy and/or appreciate this type of information and you want to lend your support, please do check me out on Patreon! You can support yours truly for as little as $1. You are in no way obligated to do so, of course. I am most grateful for your readership as is.


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