Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Handwriting with the Esterbrook Estie Journaler Nib

Handwriting with the Esterbrook Estie Journaler Nib

The Journaler nib by Gena at Custom Nib Studio, in collaboration with Esterbrook: an easy-to-use and very forgiving daily writer that adds some pizzazz and flair to your penmanship without the stress of crisp italic corners!

I did a review of the set up awhile ago but I thought a handwriting video to show how easy it is to use might be in order and helpful!

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I received this pen free of charge so I could share my thoughts with you. I hope this has been helpful and thank you for reading. If you enjoy and/or appreciate this type of information and you want to lend your continued support, please do check me out on Patreon. You can pledge your support for as little as $1. You are in no way obligated to do so, of course. I appreciate your readership and your support so much, so thank you! 


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