Monday, February 21, 2022

Welcome Back, Casa della Stilografica!

Casa della Stilografica has been supporting this blog for years now, and as an annual sponsor, I like to write up a little reminder and welcome back. Thank you Marco for your support, and thank you all for reading, viewing, following, and sticking around! Casa della Stilografica has graciously offered Gourmet Pens readers a 10% off discount code: FLORENCE. 

Casa della Stilografica Banner
FLORENCE for 10% off

One of my favourite things about Casa della Stilografica, especially when I used to live in Europe, is the selection of Japanese writing instruments. Pilot/Namiki and Sailor, yay! You can find a range of delightful writing instruments and accessories, including the new colours of the SCRIBO Feel, Aurora's new inks, and more. This discount code is not an affiliate link, it's for you to enjoy freely!


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