Sunday, April 21, 2024

Gourmet Pens Club - Episode 41 - You won’t believe what pen makers had to say!

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Gourmet Pens Club - Episode 41 - You won’t believe what pen makers had to say! Title Card

Hello jello! We have reached the third part in our feedback series, here at Gourmet Pens Club. We have compiled some feedback from the artisan pen makers in our community. We hope you enjoy listening! Thank you everyone for participating in this series! 

Candace’s Sailor - Sailor 4B
Candace’s Sailor - Shishikura Ice Crystals
Candace’s Sailor - Bokumondoh

Just some of the pen makers we referenced and/or from whom we received feedback:
F3 Pens
Ryan Krusac Studios
Skogsy Pens
White Bear Pens

Let’s hang out!

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