Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Cult Pens Diamine Deep Dark Purple Ink

Cult Pens has a line up of Diamine Deep Dark inks - and they are deep and dark. Very fair price, good value in my humble opinion, and the colors are definitely saturated. They are heavy on the cleaning and maintenance because of the saturation but they also have a lot of sheen and character, if that is something you look for.
Cult Pens Diamine Deep Dark Purple Ink 7
Diamine Deep Dark Purple makes me think of roasted eggplants and purple hair and octopuses and all sorts of weird things that are probably not equivalent to this color, but that is just what a good color should do: make the mind get creative! Freakishly so, perhaps. This is a gorgeous, deep purple with some golden sheen and I love it and it's beautiful and one of the prettiest purples I have seen. Sure as heck not easy to flush quickly but absolutely worth the effort because LOOK AT IT! If you like Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst but have no stock left of that special edition ink, this is a pretty solid alternative.

Price: £5.90 inc VAT
Price: £4.92 ex VAT
Where to buy: Cult Pens
Cult Pens Diamine Deep Dark Purple Ink 2
I don't know where my picture of the bottle went but it's the 30 ml plastic Diamine bottles.
Cult Pens Diamine Deep Dark Purple Ink 1
Cult Pens Diamine Deep Dark Purple Ink 3
Cult Pens Diamine Deep Dark Purple Ink 4
Cult Pens Diamine Deep Dark Purple Ink 5
Cult Pens Diamine Deep Dark Purple Ink 6

Sunday, July 14, 2019

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Galen Leather Tool Wrap vs. Superior Labor Leather Pen Roll

Can't decide between a Galen Leather Tool Wrap and a Superior Labor Pen Roll? Fear not. I have done you a solid and acquired... ok a disgusting amount of all of them and I have sat down and chatted about them. Hopefully, this video will help you decide between them! Or help you decide to just get all of them because that is less stressful. I think.

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