Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pen Collection Preview

Ah yes, a little bit about my favorite pen site...

Even though I am strongly opposed to Facebook as of late, I had posted a picture of my pen collection on the JetPens page. (You can read about/explore JetPens here and here). Apparently by submitting a picture, I was entered to win a gift certificate if my picture was selected for awesome-factor. Which it was!!!

This month's theme for JetPics is people and their pen collections. You can check out the JetPics page for the pen collections they picked to display! Mine is the second of the five. Sadly, it doesn't look as impressive as it really is. This is actually my "gourmet" pen collection, I didn't include all my markers/Sharpies/highlighters/erasers, etc, as one of the other people did. Rats. Anyway here it is...
Fortunately, I took many, many pictures of this set up (which took three hours or so to perfect) so I will be able to upload and post some more for everyone's viewing and/or drooling pleasure.

The great staff at JetPens also sent out a whole bunch of postcards from Japan to their fans. They're really good at building rapports with their customers!! I'm such a sucker. Naturally, I check their site daily and obsess regularly over the things I'd like to acquire in the future.
If you also have a pen addiction - which I assume you do since you're still reading this - JetPens has a fabulous site that is chock-full of wonderful stationery products that every person should own.

I hope you like the pen collection picture! I'm not sure if others are as fascinated by useless pictures of pens as I am but I can post them anyway.

In other news, my cat, Tyco (a very peculiar Ragdoll) has crazy whiskers. Today, one of them has a little loop-the-loop at the end of it. Although he enjoys attention, he is currently face-planted on the floor so I haven't taken a picture of it.

Update: I took a picture of it. It's not that weird. I just have an unhealthy obsession with my cats. He's a little confused because I just woke him up to put a camera in his face.


Kevin said...

Really, that's a terrifying amount of pens. Especially as there are now more.

Also, how did you manage to take a picture of Tyco that makes him look more confused than he already is?

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