Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Filofax Giveaway by Kyla Roma!

Okay. Over my lifespan of 26 years and some months, I have had terrible luck at winning draws. Even things like winning a pencil, or pulling the little thingies out of the Coke lids where you could instantly win a Coke or $10? I never won.

Just yesterday, I realized that my Quo Vadis day planner was almost finished. This is extremely exciting for people like me (crazy stationery freak people). I like lists. Here's a small one.

1. I get to start my hunt for a new one. Sadly, this is really fun for me, as I scour blogs and reviews.

2. I get to meet and fall in love with a new day planner.

3. I can get a wacky color that I was too chicken to get the first time around (I got mine in black).

And then I remembered my Twitter feed. FiloFax. Philofaxy. Plannerisms. It was all over my Twitter and I realized I had never used a FiloFax, which is customizable, unique, and would be a wonderful pick for me - someone who has to write everything down or I'll forget. (Sad but true). I'm probably a bit OCD that way... Oh well. Anyway. Upon my explorings, I came across Kyla Roma's Custom FiloFax + Giveaway!! This giveaway is epic for the following reasons:

1. Today is Wednesday, May 4. That means the giveaway entries start today.

2. The giveaway ends midnight on Saturday, May 7. That is only four days away.

3. Giveaways that last for months for people to enter is exciting... but it means I have to wait for months to find out if I won! Which, naturally, makes me go bonkers.

4. It's a FiloFax in teal!!! How exciting and fun is that??

5. This very well could be my new organizer for 2011!

6. The notepad I have in my purse for jotting things down is toast. Really. It's falling apart. (But the paper crinkles in the most wonderful way as only paper that has been written all over can). It's time for something new.

7. I was fortunate enough to find this wonderful blog. It's chock full of nifties.

Sidenote: One can also enter by adding Kyla's blog button to their page... I haven't the faintest clue how to do that. But I will try to figure it out if it takes me all day!... It may bring me one step closer to winning!! MUAHAHAHAH! Okay.

Just had to share the excitement. Head over to Kyla Roma and enter!

Wait...should I be encouraging you to enter? Statistically, I shouldn't.


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