Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen 1.1 mm Nib Width

The kind folks over at JetPens sent me a Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen with aluminum cap and 1.1 mm nib width from open stock at their warehouse. Not only did it show up in my mailbox in Canada in just over a week (really, that's record time for a delivery from the US), I was also delighted to receive two Kuretake Brush Writers. At first I had no idea what they were but eventually I figured them out! One is black, the other is silver. I would actually have never thought to try brush writers out without having received samples but boy are they ever fun! Too bad I'm about as artistic as a teaspoon or I would create something worthy of them.
This is my first official pen review! I wanted to extend my gratitude to JetPens in a useful way and to pass the word along about their wonderful customer service and delicious selection of pens and stationery!

Review: Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen 1.1 mm Nib Width

The Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen is a suitable pen for beginners, intermediate users, and pen enthusiasts alike! It works great for daily writing or for adding some flair and character in those special letters to friends and family.

The Italic 1.1 mm nib width is a comfortable size, allowing ink to flow consistently and smoothly. If you prefer a broader nib, 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm are also available and can be easily switched.
The pen is easily refillable with Lamy ink cartridges, available at JetPens in black, blue-black, turquoise blue, violet purple, green, and red. If you prefer to use your own inks, you can also use the Lamy Fountain Pen Z 24 Converter, which has an easy-to-use design that won't disappoint.

Writing with this pen does not feel scratchy, especially when coupled with high quality paper (this review is written on a Quo Vadis Habana featuring Clairefontaine 90 g white paper). You will feel like your pen is gliding! The nib is made of stainless steel and is quite tolerant of a heavy hand. Users can be confident the nib will not break.

The pen is extremely comfortable to hold, with the same ergonomic grip design as the Safari fountain pens (which are equally fabulous to use).
This particular pen has an aluminum cap, giving the pen a nice weight when it is capped for writing. Unlike many pens on the market, the cap does not pop off when capped so you don't have to worry about losing it. The aluminum cap has a consistent finish and so far has yet to show a scratch even with regular use, and being shoved into many of my pencil cases! The clip is flexible which is perfect if you have a lot of papers to clip it to - it will fit quite snugly.
Any user of this pen will love to admire their penmanship. At only $37.50 - a quarter the price of an average University textbook and waaaaaay more fun - this pen is fun to experiment with and provides uniform writing. Plus, it's reusable, which will satisfy the eco part of your conscience. A good pen can improve your handwriting and make you feel like a pro!

Thanks again, JetPens!


Kevin said...

I love the brush writers! Can I borrow one?

GourmetPens said...

You have to leave a deposit. And make me a really nice dinner. And then we'll discuss it...

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