Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Muttluk BioCuddler Bed

Cats love sleeping in things - bowls, drawers, piles of blanket, baskets of clean laundry, etc. It is therefore no surprise a lot of beds designed for felines is the “cuddle cup” style - with the high sides. I’ve seen many of this type of bed but some are very cheap looking or poor quality. I stumbled across the Muttluks Biocuddler beds just by chance -- I found one in a Pet Valu in Winnipeg and it was so cute that I had to get it. Angel loved it instantly.

  • Featuring new locally sourced Canadian “Bio-foam” technology which incorporates bio-degradable plant based resources
  • 4 lively collections: Earth, Essence, Energy, Era
  • Assorted premium fabrics of chanilles, faux furs, micro suedes, and more
  • Elasticized removable machine washable covers
  • Comfy 1 ¼” thick foam
  • Available in sizes 18", 23", 27" and 36"
The Company

Muttluks is a Canadian company that was founded in 1994, and is now located in Toronto, Ontario. The company tries to be as eco-friendly as possible (a huge plus in my eyes), in terms of manufacturing processes, and using locally sourced materials and production. Furthermore, they are generous, compassionate people. From their website:

“Muttluks has long been known for its altruistic actions and integrity. In 2002, Marianne Bertrand, the founder of Muttluks, was awarded the “Be kind to Animals” Award by the Toronto Humane Society for Muttluks’ donation of over 850 sets of boots to the 300 Search and Rescue dogs at Ground Zero on 9/11. The Muttluks shipment to Ground Zero made history as it was the only item to cross the Canadian/US border on a day the border between the two countries was closed. Today, Muttluks dog boots are worn by working dogs around the world.”

The Muttluks Passion Statement: “We are passionate about our planet. We foster Zenformation and Zenlightenment with Zenergy and Zenthusiasm.”

Muttluks are known for their, well, boots for dogs! But they also make coats, pet beds, mats, and paw balms. See all their products here.

These beds are truly awesome. I love supporting a company that is so eco-aware and helps where they can. The cats absolutely love these beds, in all sizes, and the covers come in four different collections (Earth, Essence, Energy, Era) to match any decor!

Our Experience

When we were adopting Tyco, we thought it would be nice for him to have his own bed like Angel’s so off we went to pick up another one. We brought it home, still wrapped in its plastic, and left it on the floor. That same day, Angel claimed it as hers. And then it occurred to us, Tyco wouldn’t fit in her itty bitty little bed anyway! We got the next size up...Which she also took. Angel loved these beds. I think they made her feel safe. We could do anything to her if she was in one; carry her around and we even took her to the vet in it!

But eventually, Tyco discovered it and filled the whole bed when he was in it! He loves it.
Tyco sleeps in very characteristic “ragdoll positions” when he’s in it.
He also loves the itty bitty beds, and would squish himself into it, and then Cheebs would crawl under him to cuddle. And they’d both be cuddling in the tiny bed, while the bigger bed sat empty.
Other uses: Angel used her bed as a base for hamster hunting. (Please note: hamsters were never harmed during her hunts).
These beds are great not only because of the eco-attitude of the company, but because of the removable washable cover. What a relief. I didn’t know anything about the company but I did notice the cover of the foam bed was removable and washable, which convinced me to buy one right then and there! And that actually turned out to be very handy... when Angel ever so kindly ran into her bed and barfed in it (and into my open hands).

We had to part with the first bed we bought Angel because, in a very, very sick state, peed in it and we just couldn’t clean it. It was really sad. The foam apparently can’t be salvaged from cat pee, but most things can’t be saved from that smell.

Cheebs loved to use these beds as a base for his games/butt wiggling/leaping - “hunting”. The kittens love to wrestle as well. And often hunt the bed itself. No idea why. Kitten brains are confusing.
Cuddles and naps

Muttluks - ranges from $39,90 - $72.99 for 18” - 36”
Pet Valu - $15.99 for 15”


Very aesthetically pleasing beds - simple and functional. Difficult to clean the foam if it does get soiled, but because it is separate from the cover, it is much less likely to get that way unlike a lot of beds on the market that are all one piece. The cover is a little challenging to put back on the foam once removed but with a bit of persistence and wiggling, it adjusts well. I'm sure there's an art to it but I have yet to figure it out.

These beds are on the higher end of the price range for cat beds (compared to an example from PetSmart) but they are much nicer, in our humble opinion, and look more expensive. And you're supporting a great company instead of a giant chain.

We would love to try out the Bio-Mats next so I will have to hunt around to find a retailer with these in Austin.


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