Thursday, July 28, 2011

Arrival of Zebra Pen Pal Freebie!

Guess what came in the mail for meeeeeee??? This is like the first piece of mail actually addressed to me I've gotten since we moved to Austin. Zebra had a giveaway on their Facebook page for a Pen Pals kit ($40 value). The giveaway went pretty fast and from the e-mail they sent, they blew through their supplies before they closed the giveaway. I'm not sure if everyone who signed up got one but Kevin and I did!... And then I took his. So now I have two, which satisfies the hoarder in me. For now.

The pen pal kit is a pretty awesome set. It came with (from left to right):

Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils 0.7 mm lead - 6 different graphic themes
Z-Grip Daisies Ballpoint Pen 1.0 mm - 5 different colors (fuschia, violet, teal, light green, orange)
Z-Grip Animals Ballpoint Pen Medium Point - 3 different designs (black ink)
Sarasa SE Gel Retractable 0.7 mm - 3 different colors (black, blue, red)
Z-HL Highlighter - 6 different colors (blue, yellow, green, pink, orange, yellow)
It also came with postcards and US stamps! I guess I should actually use it for sending mail to friends...

Thank you Zebra for such an awesome giveaway! I just wish they didn't do it through Facebook... I hate Facebook...


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