Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sakura Ink

It sure was difficult to capture these inks properly. Most of my pens came from Japan so I've linked to JetPens who do offer them for sale. The rest are available in America, apparently!

Sakura Tiara
Sakura Tiara Resized

Sakura Souffle
IMG_1379 Resized

Sakura Glaze
IMG_1348 Resized

Sakura Aqualip
IMG_1368 Resized
IMG_1364 Resized
IMG_1366 Resized
IMG_1362 Resized

Sakura Stardust
IMG_1345 Resized
IMG_1340 Resized

Sakura Luxue (Apparently the same thing as "Gold Shadow" in America)
IMG_1335 Resized


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