Saturday, November 26, 2011

Working Ink Stock

Ink might as well be running in my veins. Although I guess my blood cells would be very unhappy. And whatever other junk hangs out in blood vessels.

My order from Goulet Pens arrived and I proceeded to set up my working stock of inks. This way, I could tuck away all the bottles I have (my desk was running out of space). Plus, they're safer from the cats this way. And, less risk of contaminating the bottles when I refill my pens.
While I wish I could say the entire rack is full of a working stock of ink, there's only 21 working tubes. Ha. "Only" 21. As though that's a small number. My current inks are as follows:

I'm a little embarrassed by this, given how spoiled I obviously am and how so many people and critters are suffering in the world while I flounce around playing with pens and inks.


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