Friday, January 27, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Pen Pals

Ahh you know what's totally awesome about having pals who love writing letters? You get the most amazing things in the mail! This wonderful package came from Shangching at East...West...Everywhere. We met through our mutual love (... or unhealthy obsession...) for stationery and have been writing letters to one another, giving us the opportunity to use fun stationery and stickers, fantastic pens, and fabulous inks.

Do you send your pen pals parcels in the mail?

This is what we received today:
MyFile 3
Handwritten letter, four ink samples, a selection of stickers, and a handmade knitted scarf! How's that for an awesome penpal?!
MyFile 4
What's this?
MyFile 5
Oh. I bet I look gorgeous in this color.
MyFile 6
Making biscuits.
Thank you for the wonderful parcel Shangching! As you can see, Tyco is already enjoying it! I can't wait to wear my brand new scarf tomorrow evening!


Unknown said...

Awesome package and a gorgeous scarf :D

Shangching said...

The "problem" you have when you have a beginning knitter friend is that they will keep knitting and offering people scaves. It is fortunate on my part that she did not return the parcel to the post office and said, "please treat it as abandoned." ;)

GourmetPens said...

Isn't it amazing? Ahh best type of mail ever!

If my beginner knitter friends want to practice on me, I totally accept. Besides, this scarf does not look like it's made by a beginner. So there will be no abandoning of parcel!

The Crazy Ragdoll Cat Lady said...

How lovely! I love stationery as well! I just don't have place anymore to storage it all! I am in need to go to the post, I have a parcel of wooden shoes I bought in the netherlands and a postcard i bought in paris plus a comic book i bought here in germany to send to my penal (and pal in real life as well) I am almost more excited than her! :D

GourmetPens said...

Cats and stationery seem to go together for some reason! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, because I have now discovered your blog (which I'm following now!). Your mail sounds AWESOME. You should totally post it on your blog!! I love sending parcels, I always hope the recipient will be as excited as I am too! :D

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