Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Congratulations @AndersonPens - Brick & Mortar Store Coming!

... I think I need to move to Appleton, Wisconsin. Immediately. In this week's podcast, Brian and Lisa Anderson announced something amazing... they are opening a retail store in downtown Appleton! How awesome is THAT? This is a serious dream come true for all us weirdo pen fiends! (And also for them, of course!)
Amazing. I'm so happy for Brian and Lisa - both wonderful and super kind people - and I'm also really happy that they are doing this for US. The crazy pen fiends.
Beautiful inside - I can't wait to see the final thing. Congratulations to you both, Brian and Lisa! Scheduled opening is Saturday, November 16th, 2013 :)


RMinNJ said...

A lot of us would love to open a pen store. Congratulations to them.

Brian Anderson said...

Carpet in yesterday, wall o' ink bookcases going in tomorrow! Azizah, you SHOULD move here! We could use some help at the store!

Breck said...

Ditto, congrats to the Andersons. The space looks right for a pen store. Small enough to be intimate and not overwhelm the merchandise; but big enough for customers walk-thru, counters, displays and the Andersons. The best of luck.

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