Friday, November 1, 2013

Fountain Pen Day 2013

It's HERE! Second Annual Fountain Pen Day 2013!! I hope you are all celebrating by buying pens, sharing pens, inking pens up, drinking ink, smearing ink on yourselves or on others, and/or any other behaviours that involve fountain pens, inks, papers, and nefarious acts.

Because, after all, today is about celebrating and promoting the use of fountain pens. But we won't judge how you choose to do that.

Check out Fountain Pen Day's website for a giveaway! As well as Zeller Writing Co.'s page for another wicked giveaway!
TWSBI - FPD 2013
How are you celebrating??


Jen said...

Define nefarious.....because I think I'm involved in at least four or five nefarious acts every day. Why should today be any different?;)

Else-Maria Tennessen said...

to celebrate, i just bought the diamine flower ink set AND a twsbi rose gold pen from GouletPens!!!!!!!! Have a happy fountain pen day, Azizah!!!!

Fountain Pen Day said...

Happy Fountain Pen Day Azizah!
By the way did you see the home page for they put up for the weekend?

Breck said...

I celebrated in my own mind since I was away from home and had flown to get to that away from home place. Consequently I did not take my ftn. pens with me! So on Fountain Pen Day I had no fountain pens. (I've tried taking ftn. pens with me on a plane - never again!). But I did remember all of you on Friday last.

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