Monday, January 19, 2015

Mailbox Goodies: JetPens Jackpot & Then Some

Oookay... a massive incoming pile of things to review from JetPens, Pilot, and some goodies from Field Notes, Mitchell Leather... did I miss anything? Yes. There's more. Stay tuned for a giveaway of that Iroshizuku Chiku-Rin ink and the Pilot Vanishing Point Valley Green fountain pen!


Johnny McClung said...

That looks like an awesome haul. With the Sun-Star Grid Shitajiki Writing Board, can you see the grid through the paper?

David said...

I am looking forward to the Pilot Elabo Fountain Pen with Soft Extra Fine Nib review. I'm anxious to see if it railroads when flexed. That is, when it isn't poking holes in your paper ;-)

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