Saturday, January 17, 2015

Serious Nibbage Part 20: OMAS 360 (Vintage) @sbrebrown

SBRE Brown and I put the OMAS 360 (vintage) through the ringer. Is this pen serious nibbage?
Serious Nibbage OMAS 360

Check out SBRE Brown's review of the OMAS 360, How Do You Like Me Now: OMAS 360, and other episodes of Serious Nibbage.
If you'd like to sponsor an episode of Serious Nibbage and would like us to review a pen/nib/ink, etc, contact Stephen or myself!


Jen said...

I have to say I'm with Azizah on this one. I tried one at last year's Long Island show and it just didn't "do it" for me. Not to say it isn't serious nibbage, just not the pen for me. Thanks for the review. Made a donation with the hopes of getting you to DC this year since I'm going for the first time:) Bill wants to know how many rooms you'll need for the professor, Mill, Lord Windermere, etc.;) Anyway another interesting review! Thanks for sharing your time and expertise with us.

Azizah Asgarali said...

YOUUUU. You totally made my day. Seriously. I got this super annoying shitty comment earlier and I was like o.o all day feeling like garbage. And then all you kind, wonderful people have come to the rescue. Thank you SO much for your sweet, very kind, and very generous donation. It is DEFINITELY going in the DC Supershow Fund!! (Which is looking pretty good :)) You can let Bill know that Mill, Windy, and the Prof will be sharing a room with SBRE Brown and myself. ... He's welcome to join.

Jen said...

Well I was going to wait and send it as a birthday present for Steven, but I saw your tweet that you'd had a rough morning so I decided to do it now:) Sadly Bill won't be able to attend because that's the first weekend of football camp, but I will be there and he wants to speak to everyone over the phone. And he said that he figures that Windy will sleep in the tub;) I'm glad I could help out - no big deal on this end but I wanted to help. I know it can't be cheap to plan a trip from Europe to DC so I'm glad the fund is going well. Talk to you soon!

Tina said...

Would you do a program (or blog post) about the Sailor zoom nib? I'm not finding much info about that particular nib (compared to, say, the music nib). Thanks!

Denise Rogers said...

Azizah--How about reviewing my favorite vintage pen, the Parker 45, as to whether it is Serious Nibbage? Surely you or the professor have one around somewhere??? :)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Hmm I'm pretty sure the professor has one! I'll double check with him :)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Can do! I won't give away how I feel about it here, but I'll bump that up on the list :)

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