Sunday, August 16, 2015

Welcome Sponsor Goldspot Pens! @goldspotpens

Here's a code for those of us suffering the misery of not being at the pen show.

Say hi to Goldspot! Goldspot is sponsoring GourmetPens (that's me!) for a little while. Any support you offer a sponsor also helps me out because then I can fulfill more of your review requests, answer more of your questions, and give away more things. When you email me to thank me for helping you out or reviewing a pen that you wanted to see, it's most likely because a sponsor has made that possible!
Goldspot Pens
Enough of my babbling. Goldspot carries a slew of stuff including but not limited to fountain pens, Field Notes, Filofax, ballpoints, and more. You can get pen gift sets, organizers, notebooks, desk accessories, leather goods, and you can have your pens engraved. 

Sign up for the e-mail newsletter to find out about specials and new products, get coupons, and more. You can also follow the Weekly Dip Clearance Special, which is well worth it. You'll find pens on great discounts until stock runs out, or time runs out. It's great, I love it. 
Free economy shipping in the US for orders of $49 or more (you lucky things, you). 


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