Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ink Shot Review: Pilot Blue-Black @JetPens @Penucopia

A huge thank you to The King Enabler himself (Mr. Thomas Hall/Penucopia) for so generously giving away some of this ink on his blog! If you don't already follow him, you should. You'll learn a lot about all sorts of pens and pen-related things (such as chops). You should also hide your wallet immediately. Read about it on Penucopia!
Ink Shot Review Pilot Blue-Black @JetPens  (6)

Ink Shot Review Pilot Blue-Black @JetPens  (3)
Color: Blue-Black
Bottle: 70 ml +
Price: $16.50USD
Where to buy:


Ink Shot Review Pilot Blue-Black @JetPens  (1)
Ink Shot Review Pilot Blue-Black @JetPens  (2)
Ink Shot Review Pilot Blue-Black @JetPens  (4)
Ink Shot Review Pilot Blue-Black @JetPens  (5)
  • Some water resistance.
  • A fantastic color - not boring, not bland. It's the perfect blend of black and blue.
  • Shades in broader/calligraphy nibs.
  • Work-safe.
  • Pretty easy to clean out of pens.
  • Dries relatively fast - good for underwriter lefties, or anyone who needs a fast-drying ink!
  • Has some sheen, believe it or not!
  • Quite well-behaved - good flow, minimal bleed through/show through, no feathering. Pretty good stuff.
Ink Shot Review Pilot Blue-Black @JetPens  (7)
  • The smell can be off-putting for some people - smells like real ink. Doesn't bother me, I love it. it. 
  • Relatively expensive to buy in the US - Japan has better prices on it, especially on larger bottles. 

If you're in the market for a solid, work-safe ink, or if you're looking for a reliable ink, or a blue-black, check this one out. I have burned through the very generous sample Thomas sent, and I'm clearing out a few other samples to get myself a bottle of this. It's superb. I love it, and this is from someone who also loves bright, cheery colors. This blue-black isn't bright, but it's so pleasant, it's hard not to love it.

Do a gal a solid and if you fancy any of these and want any item of your own, use my affiliate links :)


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