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Video Review: Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens @Kaweco_Germany

Thank you to Kaweco for sending this over for video review - I wanted to show the nibs in action via video!


Body Material: Plastic
Trim: None (unless you buy clips separately)
Cap: Screw on
Posts: Yes, friction
Length (capped): 105.8 mm/4.16"
Length (uncapped nib-end): 99.9 mm/3.93"
Length (posted): 132.1 mm/5.20"
Barrel Diameter: 10.7 - 12.9 mm/0.42" - 0.50"
Section Diameter: 9.2 - 9.9 mm/0.36" - 0.39"
Nib material: Steel
Weight (all): 10g
Weight (cap): 3 g
Weight (body): 7 g
Fill type: Cartridge/Converter
Where to buy: JetPens


The Kaweco calligraphy set comes in a metal tin with a clear window, inside a cardboard sleeve that slides off the tin. Inside the tin, there are felt molds that hold the individual components in place - one pen body and three extra nibs, as well as three nib covers, and two boxes of Kaweco ink cartridge.
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 5
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 6

This pen is a compact pocket pen with a simple design. The top of the cap has the Kaweco medallion in silver, which matches the Kaweco script on the side of the body. The body is hard black plastic with a screw-on cap that is also postable. The barrel and cap have eight sides, which smooth out towards the ends. The section is small, but then, it is a very small pen, and it flares slightly towards the nib.
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 7
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 8
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 9

The nib is a simple small steel nib. The size matches the rest of the body well. The Kaweco logo is stamped on the nib, along with the size of the nib. There is a single breather hole and one slit running to the tip of the tines. The nibs are more decorated now than they used to be, and I like the improvement a lot.
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 10
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 13
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 11
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 12
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 14
These calligraphy nibs are steel and were quite pleasing in their smoothness. It's very convenient that you can have all four units inked at the same time, with different cartridges, and that the protective covers keep the ink wet while not in use. The nibs perform well - putting down consistent lines. Generally with calligraphy-style writing, I tend to go slowly, so the ink flow keeps up pretty well, particularly with the smaller sized nibs.
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 3
Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 4

Video Review Kaweco Calligraphy Set - White @JetPens 1
I like to make little sample vials with various inks and dip them to create gradients!


In hand, the Kaweco Classic Sport is very comfortable for me. I can use it both posted and unposted, but it's very small unposted so I always use it posted. It's just the right length and diameter when posted, and fits comfortably in my grip. I never find my hands growing weary of writing with it. It's not heavy and its balance is nice. This is a versatile calligraphy set. The Kaweco Classic Sport is just a plastic body though, and it does have a bit of a cheap feeling to it.

  • Interchangeable nib units - more economical than purchasing one of each pen.
  • Convenient that four units can be inked with different colours.
  • Protective nib covers are a great idea. 
  • Can change nibs mid-project without getting your fingers all inky (and thus, transferring ink from fingers to your nice clean project).
  • The Kaweco Classic Sport is a plastic body - it can be scratched and damaged, but it's also affordable to replace if it's terribly damaged.
  • Protective nib covers are easy to lose!
  • Larger nib sizes (1.9mm and 2.3mm) run dry with faster writing.

If you're looking for a calligraphy set, this is a fun choice - it's pretty robust for regular use. It's also a complete set so you don't have to worry about finding all the parts individually. I usually write slowly when I'm practicing calligraphy, so this pace helps the feed keep up with ink demands. It's an affordable set to play with and practice your calligraphy with. You can even just use it for adding some character to your writing! This is also a great gift idea. 

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I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion.


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