Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ink Shot Review: @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery

This Peachy ink was picked up at Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery to accompany a very special pen... but this is about the ink, not the pen!
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery 1
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery 8


Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery 4
Color: Orange
Bottle: 50 ml
Price: €16,50
Where to buy: Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery 2
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery 3
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery 6
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery 5
Not quite as intense as Apricot, but not ugly either!
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery 7


  • Pretty color! 
  • Shades well.
  • Large-pen-friendly bottle.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks so good in a clear pen!
  • The label on top of the cap of the bottle has the name of the ink printed on it, as well as a tiny ink swab so it's easy to spot in your ink drawer/cabinet.
  • Easy to store bottles.
  • Robert Oster is a really nice guy, so I feel happy to support his creations.
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Peach @SakuraFPGallery 9


  • May be too light to read in finer nibs.


I seem to be drawn to colors like this - yellowy orange inks that shade well. It's hard to resist this, and with a cat named Peaches, I just couldn't leave without it! Well behaved, easy to clean, so pretty! It's just the kind of ink that makes my eyes happy when I use it, and I can't argue with that.


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