Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ink Shot Review: @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple

Not too long ago, Krystle from Squishy-Ink contacted me to ask if I would be interested in helping out with her upcoming Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter is called Hippo Noto (a Hippo-sized Tomoe River notebook), with an accompanying custom-color: Robert Oster's Hippo Purple. The project had a background story that was so sweet, and the goodies were so delectable, I couldn't say no! Also I'm sort of an ink harlot... Here's a review of the rather unique Hippo Purple!
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 2
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 9
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 5
Color: Purple-ish brown?
Bottle: 50 ml
Price: ~ $14.00USD (add-on to a pledge)
Where to buy: Kickstarter
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 3
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 4
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 6
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 7
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 8
  • Easy to fill from bottle.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Shades really well, from a lighter dusky pink to a medium brown, with some dark sheen.
  • Easy to store bottles.
  • A really nice project to support!
  • Decent price, for a quality ink to boot!
  • An unusual, fun color with a great name. Hippo purple!!
  • Label on top has ink name and a swab of the color - makes finding the ink easy when they're all upright in a drawer.
  • A very special color: brown, purple, mahogany, pinkish, deep plum... what a blend!
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 10
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 14
  • An unusual color - I can imagine this won't appeal to everyone. However, I'm not in that category. I like it.
Ink Shot Review @RobertOsterInk Hippo Purple 1
A fine drawing by The Professor himself.
I was not expecting this color, even though hippo was in the name! I thought it would be a bright, vibrant purple! As it turns out, this color is pretty much what a hippo looks like. I'm impressed with how well Robert Oster captured the color of a hippo - sort of a brown/purple/pink, depending on the saturation. How neat. Google hippos and take a look! This color is unusual, unique, and I can't say I've seen many other colors like it, if any. Leave it to Robert Oster to create the perfect hippo color! For a pretty decent price, you'll get a special ink and support a special project, and it's certainly a one-of-a-kind. Perfect for ink collectors, those who prefer more subtle, muted colors, and anyone else who just looooves ink!

I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion.


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