Saturday, September 9, 2017

DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017

The Washington D.C. Collectible Fountain Pen SUPERSHOW - aka the DC Pen Show - is the biggest pen show in the world. I had to attend at least once! It was possible this year so we made the trek from Toronto down to The Marriott Fairview in Falls Church, Virginia. This was a new venue this year. I don't know how or why we ended up here, but I was still excited to attend.
DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017 1
DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017 8
Stephen always wears peculiar things to these events. 
I was sort of dragging my feet on writing a recap because I did something different at this pen show. Every show (or other pen events) I have attended in the past, I've always taken so much time to take pictures and videos and I missed out on chatting with attendees, vendors, and even finding gems amongst the pens! This time, I did not pull out my camera to take pictures. I hoped that everyone else would take pictures that I could enjoy, and it worked. The great thing is I got to spend my time chatting, laughing, hugging, making friends, seeing old friends, and finding some rare delights. The downside is I don't have many pictures to share with you, and I regret not taking selfies with so many special people. Rats. I'll just have to do so next year.

The best part wasn't the goodies, believe it or not. It was meeting so many people I've known for years online. Real people in real life! It was wild. It's such a heart-hugging feeling to meet your tribe. Thank you to every single one of you who came to say hi!
DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017 2
Chatting with Ryan Krusac, with Brandon from Modern Chocolatier. If you ever thought to yourself: how can a pen show be any better? Here's how: Brandon Lee's chocolates. 
DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017 3
DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017 4
A masterpiece from Sarj The-One-Man-Pen-Show Minhas' table.
DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017 5
DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017 6
DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017 7
Two of the fine gentlemen of Franklin-Christoph - Scott Franklin and Jim Rouse!

Here is my takeaway, complete with chocolate from The Netherlands (thank you Janine!), a Nock Co. Seed Traveler's Notebook case, a Nock Co. Canvas Sinclair, a Franklin-Christoph zipped wallet, a Ryan Krusac Legend L14 Custom Pen (pet portrait), an Edison Menlo draw-filler on loan to review, a custom grind for my Pelikan M1005 triple-broad nib (Masuyama), a Desiderata Icarus, a Franklin-Christoph Model 66 + Needlepoint, a Franklin-Christoph Pocket 45 + 1.1 mm stub, two Sheaffers (one music nib, one broad stub), and a Waterman Lady Patricia with flex nib and spare body from the lovely Myk Daigle!
DC Pen Supershow Recap 2017 10

I wish the show was longer than four days. There's so much to do, so many people to hang out with, and not nearly enough time to do it. Until next time!


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