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Review: @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen

I recently reviewed the Baron Fig Squire and Confidant notebook, but I received the limited Experiment rollerball a little while later. While the pen itself is essentially the same, I couldn't help but share it because it is SO CUTE. Unfortunately, the Experiment is sold out - and it sold out fast - but I still wanted to show it here!
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 3
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 5
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 12
Try, try again.
Experiments don’t just happen in a lab—they’re a part of our daily lives. It takes trial and error to get past our challenges. The Experiment Squire reminds us to keep pushing forward. - Baron Fig


Color: Chemical Green
Length (extended): 131.3 mm/5.17"
Diameter: 8.16 - 9.69 mm/0.32" - 0.38"
Weight: 23 g
Price for pen: ~$55.00 USD
Where to buy: Baron Fig


As usual, Baron Fig offers pretty attractive presentation and the packaging is robust and cute enough to put on your shelf (or reuse). The pen is presented in a foam-filled white tube with the Experiment theme printed on it.
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 1
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 2
I'm not wild about keeping packaging but when it comes to these, they sit on my shelf and look cute. I never put the pen back in it, but it remains there being cute!


The Squires are minimalist pens with no bells and whistles, aside from looking darned cute. They are slim with round barrels and rounded back ends (which are actually the twist mechanisms). The Squire  Experiment is a gorgeous metallic chemical green that I love, and the second I saw it online, I wanted it.
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 4
The adorable logo engraved on it is a little Erlenmeyer flask with bubbles along with "Baron Fig" on the other side. While I like the regular charcoal Squire, this green is something impossible to resist! And it gives me ideas for all the other Squires I hope Baron Fig makes...


Like the Charcoal & Alphabet Squire I previously reviewed, the Experiment is one heck of a rollerball - it's so simple but the refill Baron Fig offers is really enjoyable to use. I was thrilled to see the Experiment had a green refill and it's perfect. I'm so happy because black and blue doesn't always cut it.
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 6
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 7
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 8
The pen itself is smooth, light, well-balanced, and feels good in hand. The twist mechanism is super smooth, and the only downside is that I forget which way to twist and sometimes unscrew it a little. Minor thing. Most people can probably figure out the twist mechanism! The one issue with the ABC has a satiny matte black finish and it marks up easily.
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 9
In my last review, I mentioned the story of my mom trying to steal my Charcoal Squire. Well.... I let her borrow it for a few weeks. When the Experiment arrived, she promptly stole that and we were fighting over it for awhile. I let her use it every now and then, and she loves it. She raves about it. Anyone who comes to visit us gets to see and try the Squires and she talks about how it's the smoothest pen she's ever used and it makes her want to write.
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 13


  • Refillable.
  • Portable.
  • Well-balanced.
  • Comfortable.
  • Smooth.
  • Reliable.
  • Sexy.
  • Classy but cute!
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 10
Review @BaronFig Experiment Rollerball Pen 11


  • A major downside reported by several users: the pens are so slim and slippery, they can slide out of your pocket without you noticing. Either put it in a sleeve or make sure you check your seats before you leave!
  • Limited Baron Fig refills for the pens.
  • I'd recommend the leather sheath for your Squire pen, to protect the surface as well.
  • The pens are rollers! Watch them roll off your desk! 
  • Squire pens are pricey.
  • The Limited Edition pens sell out really fast. 


As I said before, the Squires are a great addition to the Baron Fig line up. Super smooth, reliable writers and a perfect accessory for your Confidant notebook. They're expensive, and for someone who spends a lot on fountain pens, sometimes I have a harder time justifying ballpoints and rollerballs. I'd love to see this around $35 but hey, sometimes you have to splurge to get the pen you really want.

That still stands. The Experiment becomes more worth it because I love the finish even more. I'm one of those people who would pay more for the color I want and that applies here.

I was provided this pen free of charge to sample, play with, get accustomed to, and review. I was not compensated monetarily to write this review. All opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this review.


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