Monday, January 8, 2018

@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show

This year, Stephen and I were able to attend the Toronto's Pen & Writing Show: Scriptus! It took place at the Toronto Reference Library on Yonge Street. How cool is it to have a pen show in a library? Très cool!! I have attended other one day pen shows before, so pens and goodies were packed in from 10 am - 4 pm. The show itself was fantastic, well-organized, spacious enough to browse and relax, and full of spirit. If you have a chance to attend, I'd recommend it.
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 1
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 2
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 3
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 4
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 5
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 6
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 7
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 8
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 9
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 10
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 11
This post is very late. The reason is, as with the DC show this year, I didn't take many pictures. I hung out with old friends, new friends, crazy pen friends, and more. I ate cookies, talked about pens, talked about life, and I shopped very reasonably. I picked up a boatload of items to review from Knights Writing Co. The thing with pen shows when I first started attending is they used to be about looking at pens I couldn't find elsewhere or trying different pens I'd dreamed of trying... it's still a bit of that, but it's more so about finding friends and bonding. If I met you at the show and have not yet contacted you, it's because I am a horrible procrastinator, not because I don't love you. I was so caught up in chatting and hanging out that I didn't even make it to every table to say hi to everyone! ACK! Next time...
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 13
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 14
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 15
I was fortunate to chat with Emmanuel from ASC Pens, and he gifted me this adorable Omas Divine ballpoint. Although there aren't many out there, I just wanted to show it to you because it's so cute.
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 12 
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 22
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 23
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 24
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 25
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 26
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 17
The whole shebang. 
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 19
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 18
Acquired at the table of Claudia of BauerInks!
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 20
Review goodies (some on loan) from Knights Writing Co.!
@ScriptusToronto 2017 Pen Show 21


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