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Review: @FaberCastell WritINK Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens

Thanks to Goldspot Pens for sending this Faber-Castell WritINK fountain pen for a review! It's cute and pink!
Thumbs up for the new series of writing instruments WRITink: the fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint pen create a unique writing experience thanks to the tangible finger print on the grip. We like! The WRITink is perfect for pupils looking to impress in class with strikingly coloured pens with a cool design. Since it also offers an exceptionally comfortable writing performance, it is sure to become the new favourite companion for homework!All WRITink models are available in the classic colours black and white as well as trend colours pink and blue. - Faber-Castell
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Body material: Plastic
Trim: Plastic
Cap: Snap on
Posts: Yes, friction
Nib material: Steel, PVD-coated
Filling system: Standard international cartridge/converter
Length (capped): 132.51 mm/5.22"
Length (uncapped): 124.68 mm/4.91"
Length (posted): 156.46 mm/6.16"
Length (section): 31.68 mm/1.25"
Diameter (barrel): 11.61 - 12.06 mm/0.46" - 0.48"
Diameter (section): 10.50 - 11.76 mm/0.41" - 0.46"
Weight (all): 19 g
Weight (cap): 6 g
Weight (body): 13 g
Price: $28.00USD
Where to buy: Goldspot Pens

The WritINK is presented in a grey cardboard box with a sleeve. The sleeve is white with the Faber-Castell logo and a large fingerprint on it. The box is very basic with Faber-Castell silver-foiled on top. The pen is held in place in the cardboard box with elastics and a grey ribbon. The pen is presented in a plastic sleeve, which seems like an unnecessary use of plastic...Simple packaging, most of it is recyclable at least.
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The WritINK is an interesting pen and I suspect the design may not appeal to everyone, even if it's new and different! It is a round pen with flat ends. The finial is unmarked but has a smooth groove at the top of the cap that I love to pet, like a fidget cube. It's like a little valley of comfort that I pet with my index finger. The clip is attached externally. It is smooth, rounded, and unmarked. The cap is matte black plastic, engraved with the Faber-Castell logo on the side. The section is matte black plastic, which matches the cap. It is smooth, round, and tapers towards the nib. There is also a slight indent.
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The barrel is pink ABS plastic - the same plastic the Lamy Safari is made of. The pink is not obnoxious or too bright. The large fingerprint is actually 3D printed in black, which makes for an interesting design and appearance. The design and look is not necessarily what I would go for myself - I prefer more classic pens in general. However, as a fun knockabout pen, I see the appeal. I would actually prefer it without the fingerprint on it.


The pen is equipped with stainless steel nib in black. This is a medium (also available in other nib grades). It's a rather small nib with a single slit, no breather hole, and it is engraved with M, the Faber-Castell logo, and multiple dimples. The entire nib is black - PVD-coated, I assume - except for the very tip which appears to just be steel colored. I'm not sure if it was coated and wore off as I wrote with it or if it is just uncoated at the tip.
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The nib performs very well. It is a smooth, well-tuned, well-adjusted writer. It offers a firm writing experience with a touch of feedback. Ink flow is consistent and reliable with no drying out, hard starts, or skips. It does not give any line variation and it is a comfortable medium. I think it's pretty decent as a daily writer, for new users, and even for experienced users. It's not an outstanding writing experience, but it's reliable and solid.

The cartridge/converter system is easy to use and maintain.

The clip is spring loaded so it is easy to lift on and off papers, pockets, and pouches. It is quite snug for this light pen. Because the end is so sharp - it's just a metal lip - it does not slide on things easily. The section is smooth but not slippery. It is quite comfortable for long writing sessions and there are no threads or a big step up to the barrel to get in the way.
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Top to bottom: Monteverde Monza, Faber-Castell WritINK, Lamy Safari.
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Unposted, the pen is light and comfortable. I find it balanced and great as a pen for longer writing sessions. The cap posts securely by friction. Posted, it is still quite comfortable but feels just a little top heavy for longer writing. I prefer to use it unposted for quick notes and longer writing as well.
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The 3D printed fingerprint is slightly raised and has some texture to it. It's not uncomfortable to touch and I do wonder how it was put on the barrel! It's a neat concept, even if I don't care for the fingerprint.


Review @FaberCastell WritINK Fountain Pen @GoldspotPens 16

At $28, the Faber-Castell WritINK is a very decent pen. It performs very well, it's a pleasant writer, comfortable in hand, easy to use (slip cap, clip, cartridge/converter), and if you like the design, great. It's a robust little pen that holds up well to use. Personally, I'm not wild about the basis of the pen - the fingerprint, but I like it otherwise. I think I would prefer a Faber-Castell Loom or Basic over this model as they offer a similar writing experience but do not have the fingerprint design.

I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion.


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