Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Ink Shot Review: KWZI Green Gold #2 @AppelboomLaren

Thanks to KWZI for sending this ink sample for a review!
Ink Shot Review KWZI Green Gold #2 @AppelboomLaren 6
Ink Shot Review KWZI Green Gold #2 @AppelboomLaren 7


Ink Shot Review KWZI Green Gold #2 @AppelboomLaren 2
Color: Green-gold
Bottle: 60 ml
Price: €8.22
Where to buy: Appelboom
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Discount code for 10% off: friend
Ink Shot Review KWZI Green Gold #2 @AppelboomLaren 1
Ink Shot Review KWZI Green Gold #2 @AppelboomLaren 3
Ink Shot Review KWZI Green Gold #2 @AppelboomLaren 4
Ink Shot Review KWZI Green Gold #2 @AppelboomLaren 5


  • Bottle is easy to fill from.
  • Interesting, attractive shade. 
  • Bottle is tinted to save your ink from UV exposure. It also comes in a box, making it easy to stack.
  • Pretty easy to clean.
  • Pretty well-behaved.
  • Has a wee bit of water resistance.
  • Easy to store on your shelf in the box.


  • Each bottle is wrapped in plastic wrap. I realize this is likely to prevent leaking but it feels wasteful to me.
  • If you use this in a very wet application, it can take a long time to dry and remain a little smudgy. 
  • KWZI inks have a particular smell - some describe it as vanilla. Myself, I do not like it at all. I suffer the smell for the joy of their colors. Fortunately, the smell does not linger on the page, but I feel I must warn you in the event that you find smelly inks off-putting. 


Another interesting shade from KWZI. Green Gold is a perfect name - it's a nice cross between the two colors. Pretty well-behaved, looks great in a flex nib! However, I do prefer the Old Gold from last week over this one. 

I received this item/these items free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion.


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