Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Review: PaperMate Flair Felt-Tip Pens

I'm not really sure why, but lately, I have been very drawn to colors like these:
PaperMate Flair
For some strange reason, my lime green barrel has no writing on it. I don't think they writing got peeled off or anything - I think it was missed completely in the factory. Hmph.
They are very attractive to the eyeballs, aren't they? I was about to buy one individually for like, $1.50 then changed my mind, and a little while later, at Wal-Mart, I found all 5 for like $4.50. There are many colors available but these are definitely my favorite. These are pretty, bold, and vivid colors that will bring out the life in any work you are doing!

They are great, super fun, awesome colored felt tip pens. They don't bleed through paper (they did show through on this very thin paper), and they're very smooth because of the marker-like tip. The tip is quite sturdy and doesn't fray with use. They also dry very quickly so they will not smear - perfect for left-handed writers!

They really are like very thin markers. Perfect for coloring or doodling, or even writing and sprucing up letters. They don't have any grip but the barrels are smooth and comfortable to hold, and the pens are very light so you don't need to grip them tightly. And another thing I love: the caps click on snugly!
PaperMate Flair Writing Sample
Come on. Isn't this joyous?!
Any complaints? Well, my usual. No recycled plastic. You know how I feel about that.

Check your local Wal-Mart/Target/Staples etc for these as well!

If you're not against feeling like a kid with marker-like pens, I would suggest you keep a few of these colors kicking around your pencil case. They're just fun and they're cute, and you can use them for many purposes.


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