Tuesday, February 19, 2019

BookPensCom #7 Ink

This ink was sent over by Eric at Cohobbyist and although he is not currently carrying it, it was too an interesting bottle and color to ignore. I'm trying out a new ink post - it's not quite a review, just my thoughts on an ink with the usual things I do in a review: writing samples, swabs, etc. It may be utterly useless, but I have so many ink reviews in my ink folder - many of which are discontinued or whatever - but some of them are pretty. I figured I may as well share them.

This is an interesting dark, somewhat dusty purple ink. The bottle looks more interesting than it is easy to work with. The tall, round shape made it roll and it was easy to tip - something I learned just teetering on the edge of disaster. It shows a little bit of shading and was fairly well-behaved but I did not find this particular color outstanding enough to seek it out further.
BookPensCom #7 Ink 12
BookPensCom #7 Ink 9
BookPensCom #7 Ink 10
BookPensCom #7 Ink 11
BookPensCom #7 Ink 13

BookPensCom #7 Ink 5
BookPensCom #7 Ink 1
BookPensCom #7 Ink 2
BookPensCom #7 Ink 3
BookPensCom #7 Ink 4
BookPensCom #7 Ink 6
BookPensCom #7 Ink 7
BookPensCom #7 Ink 8
BookPensCom #7 Ink 14
BookPensCom #7 Ink 15


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