Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cross Violet Ink

Cross rebranded themselves a few years ago and this ink was on my radar to try out because I love a good purple. A good purple is hard to find. I think this is a gorgeous color with intensity and saturation, but it's a bit finicky and picky about which papers it likes. As such, it's no longer as highly ranked as it used to be (in my arbitrary ink ranking system), but I still think the color is gorgeous. An awesome feature about this large bottle is the tiny little dip well in the top of the lid - perfect for dabbing your nib in.
Cross Violet Ink 4
Cross Violet Ink 1
Cross Violet Ink 2
Cross Violet Ink 3
Cross Violet Ink 5
Cross Violet Ink 6
Cross Violet Ink 7
Cross Violet Ink 8
Cross Violet Ink 9
Cross Violet Ink 10


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