Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Eight Nakayas To Drool Over

I have dreamt of swimming in Nakayas but this is the next best thing - eight Nakayas to enjoy! I hope this video tickles your fancy and remember - 7/8 of these do not belong to me :) I just have really awesome friends who trust me way more than they should. Or they did before I said that. This is just for fun. It's not a review. Just eye candy.

Explore Nakaya at Nibs
Dorsal Fin 2 - Ishime Kanshitsu Silver
Decapod Writer - Kuro-tamenuri
Decapod Twist Writer - Kuro-tamenuri
Portable Cigar - Milky Way Raden
Long Cigar - Blue Dragon
Portable Writer - Ao-tamenuri
Portable Writer - Black
Portable Cigar 17mm - Shu Unpolished


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