Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Montblanc James Purdey & Sons Cigar Brown Scented Ink

The Montblanc James Purdey & Sons Cigar Brown Scented ink is the most recent addition to the James Purdey & Sons collection, following the exquisite and highly delectably scented Single Malt Whiskey. If you have not smelled that one, you must.

The Cigar Brown is a classy dark brown ink that shades moderately. It is not super saturated nor is it dilute - it is just somewhere in the middle. It does not really show any sheen - I find the saturated pools of ink end up appearing quite matte. The color is quite clean and pure as far as browns go - it doesn't really lean to the yellow side or red side. It is on the dry side and is quite well-behaved, and is surprisingly easy to clean. The scent is quite mild and leans to the sweeter side, and is inspired by cigars and influenced by the post-hunting ritual (which I know nothing about. I'm just sharing with Montblanc said). It doesn't linger much on the page or in the pen, but it is nice to the nostrils - at least, to mine. It's not overwhelming like many other scented inks are so if you're curious about inks that have something else to them, it's fun to check out. On the downside, at nearly $50USD a bottle, it's certainly a splurge.

As always, I grabbed my (small hoard) of Montblanc James Purdey & Sons Cigar Brown Scented ink from Appelboom. In case you want something there, you can use the discount code 'friend' for 10% off your, unfortunately, non-Montblanc purchases because Montblanc doesn't allow it. I know, this is a Montblanc ink. There are many other things to shop for! Enjoy!


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