Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Sailor Studio 150

Sailor really needs to stop making delectable inks because I don't have enough pennies or space for all the colors that strike my fancy.
Based on the know-how cultivated at the event "Ink Kobo" and the voice of customers of more than 20,000 colors, 100 color inks newly manufactured. You can always enjoy the fun of choosing colors.

When I get a new ink, I spend some time deciding what pen to put it in. I don't have many purple pens but I do have a sparkly pink Sailor, and a Sailor-Sailor pairing seemed ideal! Behold: my Sailor Pro Gear Slim Sakura ⁣from Pen House. It started out as a delightful zoom nib but I really wanted to try out my very own architect grind so I handed it off to Salman at Toronto Pen Company for some magification. Lo and behold: a wicked architect! Ideal for fun writing, lettering, showing off inks, and daily writing with pizzazz. It's a fantastic match for Sailor Studio 150.

Studio 150 is a lovely dark lavender purple - it shades really well in wide, wet writers, ranging from a lilac purple to dark lavender. There's a lot of blue in this purple, which I love. The wee square bottles hold a mere 20 ml and that's just not a lot of ink when we have been spoiled by PW Akkerman's 120 ml Dutch Master bottles but realistically, it's enough to last a little while and give you some fun while writing. Don't come at me and say 120 ml is too much either because there's no such thing, dammit. There isn't much sheen to talk about but this one specializes in shading. Honestly, I prefer shading over sheen anyway so that's fine by me. It performed well - no feathering on fountain pen friendly paper, pretty fast drying times, and I didn't have any staining in my converters. Like all Sailor inks, it has that Sailor ink smell and I love it, but some friends of mine don't, so you have been warned.

You can get your Sailor Studio Ink from Papier & Stift! Each 20 ml bottle is about €14 (or more if you have to pay VAT). While you're at it, you can check out some of the Diamine German exclusive inks like November Rain, Skull & Roses, and Smoke on the Water.
Sailor Studio 150 1_RWM
Sailor Studio 150 3_RWM
Sailor Studio 150 4_RWM
Sailor Studio 150 2_RWM


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