Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Colorverse Inks 59 & 60 Ginkgo Tree & Golden Leaves

Colorverse 59 & 60 is Gingko Tree and Golden Leaves is such a beautiful pair. The larger bottle is 65 ml and that color is the brown Gingkto Tree. Golden Leaves, which is just delicious, is the wee adorable 15 ml bottle. The inks are available in the boxed set and as always, my favorite color is the smaller bottle. I love the theme of the pair. Gingko leaves are so cute and pretty and I love their shape and yellow ink in this shade is my thing so this set really spoke to me. I saw it quite some time ago at a pen show at the Vanness Pens table and I couldn't leave without it. Had to check out that yellow!

The little bottle is super handy for traveling with, like taking to pen meets to ink up a pen or two. It's just so tiny and adorable, like a wee little snail. The bigger bottle shares the same shape but it's larger and less cute. Like a larger, still cute snail, but not as cute. Gingko Tree is a medium brown ink that shades nicely and is a touch dry. It has a touch of red in it so it's on the warmer side, which is how I like my brown inks in general. Golden Leaves is a warm yellow, leaning toward the lighter yellow side. It shows some shading and flows well. Both inks are pretty well-behaved and are easy to clean. Golden Leaves can be a little difficult to read if your nib isn't wet enough. It looks stellar in a nice wet stub nib. In fact, all inks look best in a wet stub nib, but in this case, both inks shade beautifully if you use a wide nib.

Overall, I have no complaints. I'm not really a packaging person but Colorverse offers an experience, with a bookmark/pen stand, stickers, napkin, and ink details. I don't have the space for so much packaging but I don't have many Colorverse inks so in this case, it's not too bad.

I know they're not inexpensive but they're unusual and inspired. You can grab the pair for $36.00USD. Not bad because you get some seriously special packaging and two great inks.
Colorverse Inks 59 & 60 Ginkgo Tree & Golden Leaves 3_RWM
Colorverse Inks 59 & 60 Ginkgo Tree & Golden Leaves 4_RWM
Colorverse Inks 59 & 60 Ginkgo Tree & Golden Leaves 2_RWM
Colorverse Inks 59 & 60 Ginkgo Tree & Golden Leaves 1_RWM


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