Friday, September 4, 2020

Scritch Scritch ASMR Handwriting with Fountain Pens Flex Nibs and Phat Nibs

Scritch Scritch Handwriting with Fountain Pens Title Card

Just what we all need on a Friday. And every other day but it happens to be Friday. 

Pen + nib: Waterman 94 + Ideal fine flex (vintage)
Ink: Waterman Serenity Blue

Pen + nib: OMAS Ogiva Vodka Cocktail + EF extra-flessible
Ink: Visconti Turquoise

Pen + nib: OMAS Paragon Arco Bronze + BBB anniversary nib
Ink: Waterman Mysterious Blue

Music: just the sweet sound of scritches. Also something from iMovie.

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