Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball

Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 9

Create an ocean of ideas with Adrift — a Squire Rollerball that features a full wraparound design inspired by the world beneath the waves.⁣

An ocean of ideas.⁣

Putting an idea on paper is like sending a letter out to sea—there’s no knowing where it will end up. Set your ideas adrift and discover the treasures they bring.⁣

An endless sea.⁣

Adrift is the first Squire Rollerball Limited Edition to feature a full wraparound design. Seek uncharted waters with this stylish blue pen in hand.⁣

⁣A deep dive into creativity.⁣

Every seafarer needs a companion, like every pen needs its other half. Adrift pairs swimmingly with our Confidant and Vanguard notebooks." - Baron Fig

⁣Adrift is Baron Fig's most recent limited edition Squire rollerball. Unfortunately because of postal delays, this edition sold out just days after I received it. I posted about it recently on Instagram, where I usually post snippets and previews but I wanted to expand a little on my thoughts there. 

It's not a fountain pen, it's true, and I still love it. I'm a water baby. Everything water makes me happy. Swimming is one of my favorite sports and the ocean is captivating. Tiny cute doodles make me smile so this perfectly blue pen adorned with wee cuties was just the bright spot I needed. I get to zone out and doodle, (attempt to) draw, and write out some of the thoughts that had me sinking a beneath the surface. ⁣

⁣One of things Baron Fig does really well is the presentation of the Squire. In this case, it's a message-in-a-bottle-theme and it even has a little message in the tube! The tubes are cute enough to keep and they are not huge or cumbersome. The only downside is when they are empty, they are quite light and can tip over.

Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 1Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 2

This one comes with a brain teaser that will send you into a world of - rolling waves? 

Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 3Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 4

This limited edition is based on the Squire - it has an aluminum body that weighs in at 0.85 oz and takes a cartridge refill. It's precision weighted and has an ergonomic shape. Indeed, it is very comfy to hold and write with and the refill is smooth and dark. The ink has great coverage and doesn't wash away completely with water. I used a water brush to swipe across the writing a few times and the ink stuck around but it might not survive a soaking. Your paper probably won't survive much of that, either. 

Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 5Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 6Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 7Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 8

The Adrift has these adorable marine graphics and again, as a water baby, it makes me really happy. It's sweet and happy and the blue is a gorgeous deep sea blue with a brushed metallic finish. It's smooth and satiny to the touch. The back of the pen has the little knob to extend and retract the refill and you also unscrew it to pop in a new refill. Sometimes I turn it the wrong way too far and open it up but that's just because I never remember things. Since it's so round and sleek, it rolls and it slides. Best to tuck it into a sheath or a closed case because it can very easily slide out of your pocket or roll off a desk. If you're jotting notes and putting your pen down in between doing something else, that's where it can quickly roll away.

I know a few friends who wouldn't consider a rollerball that costs more than $10 and that's ok! To each their own. The Squire is a great gift idea, they perform really well, and they could be collected if that's your thing. 

They are clearly slender so if you have trouble gripping slim pens, Adrift might be uncomfortable. As it is fairly light, it otherwise works well for longer writing sessions. 

Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 10Baron Fig Squire Adrift Rollerball 11

The Squire Adrift sold for $60USD and unfortunately, this limited edition is sold out. The regular line up is always available and keep an eye out for their next release!

Thank you to Baron Fig for providing this pen. I received this pen free of charge so I could share my thoughts with you. I hope this has been helpful! Thank you for reading. If you enjoy and/or appreciate this type of information and you want to lend your support, please do check me out on Patreon! You can support yours truly for as little as $1. You are in no way obligated to do so, of course. I am most grateful for your readership as is.


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