Friday, December 30, 2022

Gourmet Pens x Tailored Pen Company Portuguese Man o' War Fountain Pen


Gourmet Pens x Tailored Pen Company Portuguese Man o' War Fountain Pen

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When the earth has turned and darkness falls over the lapping waters of the ocean, various forms of life cast a glow as a result of their bioluminescent properties. This pen was inspired by the Portuguese man o’ war, a siphonophore that is comprised of a colony of creatures that work together as one. They can be blue, blue-green, violet, pink, and turquoise, and have a beautiful natural luminosity. This production and emission of light can serve multiple purposes, such as communicating between species, warning signs for predators, and/or luring prey. Another byproduct of this exquisite effect is captivating humans with their beauty. Like the siphonophore, this pen is a collaboration! Enjoy the Tailored Pen Company x Gourmet Pens Man o’ War, bringing together beauty and function. I hope you love it.

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