Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. GourmetPens 2020

I've spent some time thinking about what I want to say. I overwhelmed and freaked myself out trying to think of all the right things. I was afraid to post something because I felt like nothing I said would be right enough, be good enough, be helpful or supportive enough. I've done my best. I stopped, I listened, and I learned from my black and brown friends. It has been invaluable - what *I* thought about posting was nowhere near what they need to see. Here is what I learned from those people I respect and love. ⁣

1. Don't use the BLM hashtag for #blackouttuesday - it blocks resources with black squares. Information is critical.⁣

2. Donate and share if you can, and if you can't donate, sharing is still helpful. Not everyone is able to help in the same way, so help in the way you can. I know this is not all encompassing, but it's a start.⁣

Black Lives Matter

It's Nice That

3. Compassion, kind words, real change, outreach. These don't cost a damn thing. Throw kindness around like confetti. ⁣

4. Listen. Learn. Educate yourself. We have all made mistakes and we can all learn and grow and improve and better ourselves. Don't be afraid to apologize and don't be afraid to do better, be better. ⁣

5. Be careful and stay as safe as you can. Look out for yourself and for others.⁣

I will not be silent and complicit. ⁣

If you choose to unfollow me, that's fine. You don't need to announce your departure. Please think about why my posting this upsets you enough to want to unfollow. ⁣

If you would like to share your experiences, things you have learned, resources, or just share some kindness in the comments, please do so. Please be respectful of others and please please please be kind. ⁣


Friday, May 29, 2020

Ryan Krusac Legend L16 Wood Fountain Pens

I borrowed these fountain pens from a friend and have had them for some time, much to my friend's dismay... I also have my own Legend L14, which I adore! I hope you enjoy!

Find Ryan Krusac online but the real excitement is seeing the display at a pen show so keep that in mind for when things get going again.

Check out my Legend L14 Custom Pet Portrait review here!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pilot Parallel Letters A B C D

I am not a trained calligrapher by any stretch of the imagination but I sing the praises of the Pilot Parallel Calligraphy fountain pens on the regular. In fact, I even did a Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Fountain Pens 101 video awhile back and it's - if I may toot my own horn - a great starter guide to the pens and how to use them. 

Obviously these are fantastic pens for practicing calligraphy, lettering, and alphabets in general. I like to play around with styles because before you know it, you’ve morphed several into one new style and it looks really cool. Well, usually they look terrible and wrong but sometimes it works out. That’s why messing around is fun. I typically eyedropper mine (again, instructions in that video I linked) but you can also use a Pilot cartridge/converter. Ink flow tends to be quite generous when eyedroppered and consistent with the cartridge/converter set up. I prefer the eyedropper set up because I love the super juicy, gushing type of ink flow to really make inks pop. If this applies to you, I'd say they are the best for shimmery and sheeny inks. They are just so easy to clean and maintain, they are nice and juicy, and they're affordable. 

The shape of the plates does result in having somewhat sharp corners but a light hand is all you need for these pens. If you find the corners catching on the page, you might want to lighten your pressure, ease up on the grip of the pen, but also perhaps try practicing writing with the pen in general to get more comfortable with its angles. One of the things I did over and over was learn how to rotate the nib in all directions without lifting it off the page - this helped me learn to keep a light hand when rounding the corners. 

There is no shortage of resources and guides out there if you do some quick Googling. Toronto Pen Company has released a free Gothic Batarde workbook for the first group of miniscule letters. Check it out here and get started on some Batarde practice! If you follow TPC on social media, you can stay tuned for new releases and other fun goodies. FACEBOOK   INSTAGRAM    TWITTER

Pilot Parallel Letters A B C D 1_RWM
Pilot Parallel Letters A B C D 2_RWM
Pilot Parallel Letters A B C D 3_RWM
The above three inks: Diamine Manggis for Pen Gallery
Pilot Parallel Letters A B C D 4_RWM

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